Why choose an integrated sink?

Four reasons why you should opt for an integrated sink, including easy cleaning and limitless designs

Integrated seamless undermount sink

The current trend in kitchen sinks is undoubtedly leaning more towards undermount designs. Undermount, if you’re unfamiliar, refers to sinks that are fitted and sit below the underside of the worktop, meaning the work surface material sits over the lip of the sink.

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These are often ceramic or stainless steel in material, and are fitted as an individual element around a worktop that has had a hole cut to fit the specified sink. If you’re working with a durable surface material, another option is to have the sink made out of the same material or have the worktop fabricated to seamlessly include it.

Cosentino Dekton Stonica collection

Here’s four reasons to consider an undermount in your kitchen renovation:


Sleek visuals

Industrial integrated sink design from Ledbury Studio
Integrated sink design from Ledbury Studio

One of the benefits of an undermount sink is that it has very little visual impact on the work surface plane, especially from a distance. With an integrated sink made of the same material, this impact is lessened again and, from all perspectives, there will be no ceramic or stainless steel interrupting the worktop. If you choose a seamless integrated sink, losing those join lines may not seem like a big deal, but it adds a sleekness that echoes a high-end feel in the design.


Completely customisable

With an integrated sink, you don’t have to be limited by what’s available on the market, meaning that you can really bespoke the size and shape you want from the material you want to. While this option may be more expensive, you’ll already be working with a supplier for your worktop needs, so it’s always worth having the conversation.



Depending on the materials you use, an integrated sink design can be a really durable option. The likes of Caesarstone and Dekton (by Cosentino) have anti-scratch, anti-stain, anti-UV and water-resistant properties, which mean that despite your best efforts, the sink will look nicer for longer.


Easy to clean

Chequered seamless undermount sink
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When it comes to seamlessly integrated sinks, there’s no need to change up your cleaning supplies inside the bowl and the lack of joining seams means less areas for dirt, grime and bacteria to collect -no more awkward scrubbing.