Gloss finishes, poured concrete flooring and mirror cabinets

We work through the best ideas for gloss kitchens, including a mixed material approach and veined worktops

LWK high-gloss kitchen

Are you pro or against a gloss kitchen? While there’s a huge market for both, it’s gloss that seems to divide opinions more fiercely; while some adore the sleek finish, others are looking for a more matt and minimalist feel. In a world where Instagram exists, gloss finishes can give back too much light for photos, not to mention they’re often much worse for fingerprints but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for gloss in the kitchen.

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With the right design and decoration, gloss finishes can make a room so we’ve pulled together a collection of easy ways to make the most of your gloss scheme, including how to bring depth to a sometimes flat surface.

Matrix design kitchen



Mix and match

Cosentino Dekton surface breakfast bar kitchen with matt material accents
Dekton Arga worktop from Cosentino

This luxe white look from Cosentino is all about mixed materials and relies on a mix of finishes to create interest. With a statement gloss breakfast bar, this kitchen uses contrasts to draw attention to less significant features, like the brass taps and ashy wood floor. An extra emphasis is placed on these materials, standing out not just through colour, but also in the texture differences, for example between the grain of the wood and reflective surface of the island.

This mixed-material approach helps to strike a balance between the traditional and contemporary.


Create a luxe look

Cosentino Dekton Stonica collection
Dekton Taga worktop from the Stonica collection at Cosentino

With the same glossy, polished stone breakfast bar as above, this darker kitchen has used it to bring some depth to a scheme that, with its ultra black cabinets, might otherwise have appeared flat. The light, patterned Dekton surface and accompanying overhead lighting brings an opulent feel to the room which is then furthered by small accent pieces like the gold bar stools and water tap.

Industrial kitchen Mowlem & Co
Kitchen from Mowlem & Co

On the other end of the scale, some rough, industrial looks can be made luxurious with a gloss finish – like a poured concrete floor that’s been polished to shine and allow light to bounce around the room.


Bring in the metallics

Metallic kitchen from Mowlem & Co
Kitchen from Mowlem & Co

While metal-inspired finishes are often glossy surfaces, they offer something very different to a normal gloss.

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From super reflective or even mirrored surfaces to brushed bronze or gold, the nature and colour of the metal can create either an industrial feel, like with antique brass, or an ultra high-end one, like with a clean and polished stainless steel.