How to use the industrial look in your kitchen

We navigate 2019's approach to industrial design; from white surfaces to touch-activated cabinets

Industrial modern kitchen

The ‘industrial’ look has been a popular kitchen choice since the noughties, a time when exposed pipes, steel worktops and metallic expandable taps were scattered all over the glossy pages of designer kitchen catalogues.

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Cosentino mixed-material kitchen

While the look hasn’t disappeared, it’s evolved. Recently, it’s been gaining even more traction, but in a slightly updated form.

Industrial kitchen with statement bronze overhead lighting

According to designers Kitchens International, this time around the style has become more ‘soft industrial’ with a subtle nod to the original themes. This means using lighter metallic tones and combining them with white surfaces to create a lighter and brighter space. Incorporating softer textures like wood is also increasingly popular and helps to dampen the sharpness of the industrial features.

Industrial kitchen with white island contrast

Paul O’Brien, brand director at Kitchens International said:

“Our designers are increasingly hearing from clients who want kitchens with simple style and really good functionality. This look fits that brief perfectly and we will be creating a lot of kitchens with this modern industrial look in 2019.”

Touch activated cabinet industrial kitchen
Kitchen from Kitchens International

Currently, handle-free cabinets that open at the touch of a finger are trending in the industrial and minimalist sphere; they provide clean lines and a linear, understated look.

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We also recommend spending some time when choosing your kitchen lighting. It’s central to achieving the simple, clean appearance of an industrial kitchen. Stylish filament light bulbs and wiry strips of lighting are a good place to start and create a functional, unfussy look.