How to use integrated fridge freezers and storage solutions in your kitchen

We discuss integrated fridge freezers and all the options available to you; from fully concealed units to ice makers

Completely concealed integrated fridge freezer

Kitchen renovation can take quite a chunk out of your budget, but an integrated fridge freezer is well worth the money.

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A freestanding fridge freezer is all fine and good, but the space above is always wasted storage, and dusting on top of the fridge is a job that no one wants to do. The argument for integrated is strong, the topic of debate however, is the best way to have it fitted.

Cosentino mixed-material kitchen

There are two paths to choose from – a completely concealed integrated fridge freezer, which would be covered in the same finish as the rest of the cabinetry; or a partially integrated style, which would have its own distinct ‘fridge-style’ finish on the doors. It really comes down to aesthetics, but each has their pros and cons.

Partially integrated fridge freezer with storage above

Best for small

A completely concealed style offers less visual complications and avoids extra material finishes or breaks in the cabinetry (which can make a space feel busy and cluttered). This is particularly useful in a small kitchen, where every break in the finish will likely make the space feel smaller and disjointed.

Best for large

Concealed integrated fridge in contrasting material

In large kitchens however, breaks are really important and add interest to huge lengths of cabinetry, stopping them from overwhelming the space. Adding an exposed finish here will really help the proportions of your kitchen look right.

Do you want it to look like a space that’s for cooking, or an extension of your living spaces?

Kitchen with partially integrated units
Kitchen from Daval Furniture

Your predilection for one style or another may also depend on how you feel about the other ‘kitchen’ elements of your space.

For every home owner that opts for a flush induction hob with a very small visual impact, another chooses a big, beautiful range cooker; for every dramatic cooker hood, there’s a hidden built in extractor. There is something lovely about a swathe of brushed metal in a kitchen that recalls a professional chef’s kitchen, but whether that’s for you may come down to what you want for your space.

It even comes down to something as simple as helping sign post your kitchen for guests – a partially integrated fridge is easier to find. Is that a pro for you when it comes to hosting in your home? Can you live without an outward facing ice maker, or would you consider having that integrated into your cabinetry too?

Freestanding Smeg fridge
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Certainly some food for thought.