The best headboards for your bed

We take a look at what's available in the headboard department; from subtle and comfortable to statement pieces that draw lots of attention

Horned cream and orange block print headboard

There are currently more styles of headboard than there has ever been. No longer are they confined to the same shape, size and plain solid colours. As much as any other furnishing, headboards can now add character to (and even become a focal point of) a room. You can choose from a range of styles: curvaceous feminine shapes, bold blocky ones or towering pieces that almost touch the ceiling.

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Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin explains, “Headboards are an inexpensive way of transforming a bedroom. They are essentially alternative forms of artwork.”

We’ve had a look through some of the boldest custom-made headboards from global design brand Andrew Martin and picked our favourites.

For something classic, but with an eccentric twist, the Chloe headboard should be your go-to. It’s simple blue-white colour scheme and elaborate swirly patterning feels traditional, but the immense towering size and height of the headboard creates a modern edge. As do the soft ornate curls of its silhouette. The density of the pattern on this one means that it would work best in a plainer room, to avoid clashing patterns confusing the eye.

Ornate statement headboard in blue
Chloe headboard from Andrew Martin

Rita stands out because it offers an art-deco shape. The simple but bold fluted detailing pulls the eye in and accentuates the height of the headboard. Rita has a simpler form, but is nonetheless a statement piece that would be the focal point of any bedroom.

Tall art-deco grey headboard
Rita headboard from Andrew Martin

If you prefer that your headboard doesn’t steal the show, the Sage is an example of a subtler headboard that accentuates the bed whilst leaving space for walls to display the majority of the artwork.

Subtle and shorter blue headboard
Sage headboard from Andrew Martin
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And lastly, our favourite, Lucifer. Designed to mimic the form of horns, this is one of the boldest headboards in the collection. It’s orange block-print style botanical forms act as a worthy replacement for artwork. You couldn’t help but notice this first when you walk into a room and we love it.

Horned orange block print headboard
Lucifer headboard from Andrew Martin