How to decorate your bedroom walls

We list all the ways to decorate your bedroom walls, including using your own accessories and installing shelving

Bedroom decor ideas

A bedroom, for any homeowner, is a place that you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time.

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Whether you’re sleeping, getting ready for work or just curling up under the duvet with a good book, a bedroom will be one of your most used rooms so don’t skimp on the decorating.

Master bedroom sliding door divider

Here’s our top tips to add some personality to your bedroom.


Create a gallery wall above your bed

Behind bed decorative gallery wall
Photo from HomeStyle

If you have a stack of prints that you’ve been meaning to frame and hang for – oh – ever, now’s the time to get them in place on your wall.

What better way to frame your bed as the focal area of your room than by installing your very own gallery wall around it?


Use carefully-chosen frames to pack a punch around the room

Quirky frame bedroom decor
Photo from HomeStyle

Inject some extra colour and pizzazz into your space by picking decorative frames – whether colourful or ornate – to bring some extra personality to your space.


Use shelving above your bed to display your favourite details

Behind bed shelving unit

Whether you use panels, shelves or even a wooden stepladder, there are so many ways to present decorative details that stretch beyond the frame.

Here, for example, jars, vases and greenery all add extra flair to the wall.


Hang a tapestry or carpet

Tapestry as a bed headboard

For a faintly exotic, treasures-from-travels effect, suspend a favourite rug above your bed. If you’re really careful, it can even double up as a headboard.

(But we mean really careful – after all, it would be a lot easier to pull it down then it would to hang it back up…)


Add texture

Bedroom with grey textured wallpaper
Bedroom from String

Incorporating a texture-style wallpaper is a simple and highly effective way to transform walls, whether singular or multiple.


Display your personal accessories

Hats and accessories as bedroom decoration
Photo from HomeStyle

It could be a coiled up belt, your favourite scarf, a hat collection, or even an edited highlight of your best dresses.

Whatever it is, creating a display of it on an otherwise blank stretch of wall is a great way to add some personality to your space. Just make sure you keep it ordered, as otherwise it can very easily look less curated and more cluttered.


Install a feature wall

Bedroom feature map wall
Bedroom from SAGA designs

Adding a focal wall adorned with a print, block colour or pattern of your choice is, much like the idea above, a delightfully simple way to breathe fresh life into your bedroom.


Be graphic with your colour use

Graphic colour bedroom wall
Bedroom from Furniture Choice
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Use washi tape to create strong blocks of colour on your walls. Perfectly simple to apply and remove, the tape is ideal for designing strong lines that can be easily filled in with a paint brush. Genius, we know.