Hybrid bathrooms and roll-top tubs

We take a look at some hybrid bathrooms and statement tubs in shades from yellow to matt black

Hybrid bathroom with marble them and roll-top bath tub

When you imagine a traditional bath, a freestanding white tub with a big rolled edge is likely what comes to mind.

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Grey grout-free bathroom wallpaper tile-effect

It’s easy to imagine that such a bath could only work in a room that is equally committed to a dramatic traditional style. However, more and more young homeowners are opting for this kind of bath without having a matching theme. Instead they are creating a hybrid bathroom that spans multiple styles.

Matt black roll-top bath tub in hybrid bathroom
Bathroom from Pip + Pencil Design, bath from Victoria and Albert, photo by Sean Litchfield Photography

The big freestanding tub is increasingly sought-after, in part because it is a statement of luxury, but more than that it’s a practical way to relax at the end of a long day. The latter is a tricky thing to attain in society’s increasingly fast-paced and stressful environment.

Hybrid bathroom with olive green bath tub

Another reason this type of bath is becoming increasingly popular is because of the variety it can bring to a room.

Many bathroom designers are providing a wide array of vibrant colours for the bath’s outer wall that adds a striking modern twist, as well as helping homeowners to tie it in to their surrounding colour themes. Victoria & Albert are doing a great job of this at the moment and have some truly show-stopping colour options, like this yellow Napoli tub below.

Yellow roll-top bath tub in hybrid bathroom
Bath from Victoria and Albert
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When you take all this into consideration, the so called ‘traditional’ roll top tub is much more versatile than generally accepted. Bring on the new age of hybrid styles.