How to create a hotel-style bathroom

We take a look at some of the ways to make your bathroom last, including one of the leading brands, warranties and using sustainable, natural materials

White basin in luxury hotel bathroom

Bathrooms are nearly always the second thing you check when you arrive at any hotel. First you flop dramatically onto the bed to make sure it’s comfy enough, then you have a snoop around the en-suite. Hotel bathrooms manage to combine the perfect blend of simplicity and style and, of course, they always feel luxurious.

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Grey grout-free bathroom wallpaper tile-effect

Bathroom manufacturer Bette is often used in hotels as well as residential bathrooms, and they have given us the low-down on how to create the hotel-chic look at home.


Choosing durable materials

Starting with the bare bones, the materials used in your bathroom are vitally important. Glazed titanium-steel is used in hotel bathrooms for a host of reasons. Most importantly though, it’s easy to clean. Anyone who has spent hours waiting for de-scaler to work its magic will understand the value of this. Because of its durability, such a material stays looking great for years; reflected in the fact that all of Bette’s products come with a 30-year warranty.


There’s no such thing as too much choice

Providing products in hundreds of different colours, with both gloss and matt options, is the best way to make sure your bathroom fittings are going to match the style already surrounding them. There’s no better way for your bathroom to ooze luxury than to be coordinated; it looks calm, well put together and thought out. Bette ensure their shower trays and flush-to-floor shower floors can be chosen in colours that match the existing flooring. The result is a harmonised space, with a more spacious feel.

Hotel luxury wet room shower
Side Flush shower area from Bette

One size does not fit all

It’s imperative to make the most of the space you have available, but this can be tricky in converted lofts, in small rooms or long thin ones. It’s where many bathroom designs fall apart, but efficiently utilising your space is much easier when you can choose from a wide selection of sizes. Manufacturers like Bette offer a plethora of sizes and can create bespoke sized pieces for you. More space means a calmer room that looks like it sits the way it naturally should.

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Think ahead

Sustainability is more important than ever. There’s no ignoring the fact that we create far too much waste with our current style of living. Bette products, made from glazed steel, use only natural materials in their production. Plus, when the baths, basins and shower trays eventually reach the end of their lives they are 100% recyclable. Environmentally friendly style doesn’t just look good, it leaves you feeling good too.

Circular hotel luxury bathroom with panoramic window view
Pond Silhouette bath from Bette