Miso-glazed mackerel with pickled turnip and seaweed mayonnaise

  • Serves 2-4
Miso-glazed mackrel with pickled turnip and seaweed mayonnaise

This fish starter will bring restaurant luxury into the heart of your kitchen and is the perfect way to start of any dinner party, so why not give it a go?



  • Step 1

    For the pickled turnips, mix 125ml of the water with the bay leaf and salt in a saucepan and gently warm over a medium heat until the salt is fully dissolved. Turn the heat off, add the remaining water and vinegar and allow to cool down. Pour into a bag or airtight container and add the turnips and beetroot. Seal and leave in the fridge overnight.

  • Step 2

    For the seaweed mayo, beat the egg yolks with a little lemon juice and start adding drops of oil, mixing continuously until the mixture starts to thicken. At this point, start adding the oil in a thin stream. Once all of the oil has been incorporated, add the remaining lemon, 1 tablespoon of seaweed and check the seasoning, adding more salt, pepper or seaweed if needed.

  • Step 3

    Whisk the ingredients for the yuzu dressing together and add the diced avocado.

  • Step 4

    For the mackerel, combine all of the ingredients for the glaze together and whisk to emulsify. Preheat a frying pan over a medium heat. Cook the fish skin side down for one minute, turn over and glaze and baste with the miso dressing. Turn over again and caramelise the skin, basting the other side.

  • Step 5

    To serve, place the seaweed mayo on the plate. Sit the mackerel, skin side up, on top and garnish with the pickled turnips, avocado and mizuna.

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