For the sauce
500g very good quality chicken stock

100g butter, cubed

For the candied pecans

100g pecan halves

25g dark brown sugar

8ml water

Large pinch of salt

2-3 drops of vanilla extract

For the Jerusalem artichoke purée

500g Jerusalem artichokes, peeled and cut into 2-3cm pieces

50g butter

Salt and pepper

For the Jerusalem artichoke crisps

2 Jerusalem artichokes, peeled and cut into
very thin slices

Oil for deep frying

4 Mallard breasts (you can use any duck breast)

2 baby leeks, sliced in half lengthways

200g purple spouting broccoli, trimmed

Mallard with Jerusalem artichoke, charred leek, purple sprouting broccoli and candied pecans


‘This dish would be great with venison or pigeon in place of the mallard’

1. Start the sauce: Place the chicken stock in a large saucepan and cook on setting 8 on the induction hob until reduced by approximately three quarters.

2. To make the candied pecans mix the sugar, water, salt and vanilla in a small bowl. Place the pecans in a medium saucepan and warm on the induction hob on setting 6 for 2-3 minutes. Add the sugar mixture and stir vigorously on the heat for 15 seconds. Tip the pecan halves onto a piece of parchment to cool.

3. For the Jerusalem artichoke crisps, peel the artichokes and slice thinly on a mandolin. Blanch in boiling water for around 10 seconds and drain on kitchen paper. Heat a pan of oil to a temperature of 170oC. Deep fry the crisps until just golden (this is usually a matter of seconds) and drain on kitchen paper. Season.

4. Place the mallard breasts on a perforated steam tray. Place in the Miele Steam Oven and cook at 100oC for 8 minutes.

5. On the TempControl zone of the Miele Hob, select setting 2 of the TempControl. Brush the cut side of the leeks with a little oil and place oiled side down in the pan. Continue to cook until blackened and cooked through.

6. Use the leek pan to colour the skin of the mallard once steamed. Dry off the skin with a little kitchen paper and place in the frying pan, skin side down, for 3-4 minutes.

7. Steam the broccoli on a perforated steam tray at 100oC for 3 minutes.

8. To finish the sauce, place on a medium heat on the induction hob and gradually whisk in the cubed butter.

9. To assemble, place the Jerusalem artichoke purée on the plate, sit the mallard breast on top. Top half a leek with the pecans, broccoli and artichoke crisps. Finish with the sauce.

TIP: The Miele Gourmet Sous Chef Warming Drawer can be used to make vegetable crisps. For the Jerusalem artichokes, blanch and drain, brush or spray with a little oil and place on a baking
tray in the warming drawer. Use the food setting, level 5 for 2-3 hours

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