Natural light and minimalism for an old factory apartment

We have a chat with Vipp designer Morten Bo Jenson about his apartment renovation for Vipp's founder's daughter; from polished concrete to the company's 'last you a lifetime' products

A minimalist airy bedroom design for a Copenhagen home

Waking up to natural light pouring through the windows is just one experience that Jette Egelund and her husband Mogens Dahl never take for granted.

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Bedroom renovation with triple interlinking mirrors

Their bedroom is somewhat of a haven in their newly renovated apartment which is on one floor of a restored Viking pencil factory. Despite both having busy work lives, Jette being the owner of Vipp and Mogens the head conductor at Mogens Dahl concert hall, they make time to enjoy relaxing and unwinding at home.

Here’s how it came together.

The project in a nutshell:

Who lives here? Jette Egelund, daughter of Holger Neilsen who founded the Vipp brand in the late 1930s, and her husband Mogens Dahl

Designer: Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp

Style: Minimalist, Scandinavian design.

Design feature: A minimalist feel is kept throughout with just the essential furniture and each piece chosen because it’s functional as well as good-looking. Natural wood in the bedroom is complemented by the concrete tops in the bathroom

Minimalist Scandinavian design bedroom in neutral shades
Photo by Anders Hviid

A prominent feature of this spacious room is the large, potted olive tree which adds to the other natural touches such as the Douglas pine wood flooring and shelf-wall.

“I like the feeling of walking into our bedroom and looking at a tree, even though our home is situated in the middle of the city,” says Jette, as she reflects on her everyday life.

In true Scandinavian style, she keeps her bedroom scheme minimal and fuss-free, as she believes “it’s important to have a good bed and not too much furniture.” Clutter is kept to an absolute minimum and storage is used to its potential with a generous walk-in wardrobe adjacent to the main sleeping space.

Bedroom greenery to offset an urban space
Photo by Anders Hviid

Playing tennis, doing yoga and going swimming are some of Jette’s favourite pastimes, which means that she has a very active lifestyle. However, when she comes home she has an ideal bathroom to relax and unwind in with a choice of a bath or a shower.

“The bathroom is kept minimalistic and true to the factory feel of the space,” she says.

Both the floor and the sink are made from polished concrete which is contrasted by the white furniture and brushed metal wall-mounted taps.

Minimalist monochrome bathroom with wall mounted toilet
Photo by Anders Hviid

A cohesive feel throughout the apartment is created with a sophisticated monochrome colour scheme, with layers of texture adding warmth and personality. It’s clear that the Scandinavians have got it right when it comes to designing happy homes, achieving the right balance of style, function and personality.

We speak to designer Morten Bo Jensen to ask some specific questions about the space.

Can you tell us about the design of the table lamp?

The table lamp is the Vipp take on the traditional desk work lamp with two adjustable arms that allow you to direct light wherever you need it. A dose of diffused light comes out of the perforated steel shade in the near surroundings to reduce those sharp light contrasts that can often be harsh. We want our products to have longevity so we have based the design on an interchangeable LED, which can be easily substituted as technological innovation advances in the future.

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How do you think Vipp products add a practical and functional element to a bathroom?

All Vipp products are based on the same philosophy; designing usable products to last you a lifetime, stripped of fading trends and unnecessary aesthetic details. Therefore, when it comes to thinking about the bathroom, anything from the pedal bin, soap dish, soap dispenser, toilet brush, toothbrush holder or small suction hook, for example, act as handy little helpers that are there every day as and when you need them.