A dressing room island for a Hertfordshire new build

We take a look around homeowner Emma's new walk-in dressing room, including a sit-down vanity area with a vintage mirror top

Neutral toned dressing room with central island

In her own words, Emma wanted an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ dressing room, which would allow her to easily – and stylishly – store her clothes, accessories and so on.

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Luxury bedroom with fur throw and gold accents

“Our project was a complete new-build,” homeowner Emma Wright tells us, “so we had the flexibility of starting entirely from scratch…”

Central island dressing room unit with mirror top

Here’s what they did.

The project in a nutshell:

The property: A new-build with traditional styling (and a modern twist!) in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Who lives there? John and Emma Wright

Designer: The team at The Heritage Wardrobe Company

Fitting floor to ceiling dressing room wardrobes

“I wanted something that was in keeping with the original style of the property,” explains Emma.

She says: “Having scoured different websites, I came across The Heritage Wardrobe Company. I liked the look of their dressing rooms and felt the style of their wardrobes matched exactly what I was looking for.”

Vintage mirror top dressing room vanity area

Wane Borg, partner at The Heritage Wardrobe Company, says: “We needed to create a dressing room that catered for a his and her section, and provided an external aesthetic that enhanced the design with columns and break fronted sections. We selected Farrow & Ball’s Oxford stone paint to blend with the soft wooded finish floor”.

Top of the wish-list for the dressing room was an island – a stunning central focus of the space, which would offer sleek storage; Emma also wanted it to include a built-in bespoke vanity area. It was also important that it could be a place around which Emma and her friends could sit and socialise.

Spacious cream dressing room renovation with vanity area

“It’s a great statement piece and really brings the whole room together,” she says of the island.

“I’m in love with it.” she adds, “it’s a great place to socialise, as well as my own luxurious space where I can get ready every day.”

Central island dressing room drawer unit

In regards to the design, it was important to Emma that her dressing room match the look and feel of the rest of the property. She explains: “The benefit of having it tailor-made was that I chose whatever layout, finishes and paint colours I wanted.

“Extra luxurious details, such as the customised vintage mirror top, the period cornice and vaulted columns, really worked together to create a cohesively designed space.”

Modern traditional hybrid new build dressing room

The process of turning the room from an empty space into the dressing room of dreams was relatively seamless. “It was totally bare when the work began,” Emma tells us.

She says: “All items for the dressing room were delivered to it and the work was carried out with the door to the bedroom shut.

“The fitters had extractors on their machines, meaning dust was kept to a minimum and disruption to the house was minimal.”

Wane adds: “Surprisingly for a project of this size we did not have any major challenges.

“This was helped by our client who had a natural eye for detail and visually bringing concepts together.

“Perhaps delivery and storage of items was a consideration, but the size of dressing room and the fact that the house was a new build helped with the storage of items and works carried out onsite.”

Modern dressing room renovation with statement lighting fixtures

The dressing room suits both Emma and John’s lifestyles perfectly: “He has his side and I have mine!” says Emma.

Emma’s advice for homeowners who are considering a dressing room of their own?

“Consider how you are going to be using the space on a daily basis,” she says, “this will guide you on a number of decisions from layout and internal arrangement to style and colour palette.

“Take a step back and think about what you would like stored and how and then take the step to speak to an expert at an early stage.

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“Getting in touch with a designer at the beginning stages will save you time and money in the long term as they will be able to help you every step of the way.”