Houseplants and a bathroom fireplace: six dreamy bathroom renovations

We have a browse of six homeowners' dreamy bathroom redesigns; from a copper tiled feature wall to all things storage, there's plenty of inspiration here

Triple bathroom redesign ideas

Choosing how you’d like your bathroom to look can certainly be overwhelming, especially with the variety of choice these days, so we’ve put together six of our favourites to help you decide.

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Modern bathroom with blue mosaic wall

Why not go for…

A bedroom conversion

“This room was a bedroom that we decided to make into an ensuite,” explains Mad About The House blogger Kate Watson-Smyth of her gloriously spacious soak-space.

She says: “It was obvious to have a freestanding bath in front of the fireplace.

“The builder insisted the toilet should go on the outside wall and that does make it the furthest point from the bedroom too.

“Same with the shower.

“We were able to have two basins – apparently the secret to a happy marriage – as the second one fitted in front of where the door had been previously.”

Converted bedroom bathroom with freestanding bath

See more of Kate’s home transformation (including that gorgeous bath tub!) here.

Choices, choices

Key to this cool, Scandi-inspired bathroom redesign was a need to match the lifestyles of the occupants. An active lifestyle – including tennis, yoga and swimming – means that homeowner Jette wanted a new-look bathroom that was perfect for relaxing and unwinding in, with the option of a quick shower or a leisurely soak depending on her mood.

“The bathroom is kept minimalistic and true to the factory feel of the space,” Jette explains.

Minimalist Scandi-inspired bathroom

She says: “Both the floor and the sink are made from polished concrete which is contrasted by the white furniture and brushed metal wall-mounted taps.”

A room with a view

Boasting a stunning greenery-filled view, this bathroom gives a nod to its natural vista with lashings of white paint, natural materials and even some foliage of its own.

Bathroom with views and a freestanding bath
Photo by Paul Craig

“I wanted to create a luxurious feel but keep the vibe of a home,” says homeowner Sarah Strickland.

She says: “To soften the streamlined surfaces I’ve included rustic features such as the wooden bath caddy, the rattan side table and a selection of houseplants.”

A room with a view, part 2

Similarly, this bathroom was also designed with an appreciation of beautiful views at its core: to the right of the space shown below sits a floor-to-ceiling window that shows off the rolling hills to perfection. “Some of my friends are quite mortified by our bathroom windows,” laughs homeowner Pilar.

Bathroom overlooking fields with freestanding bath

She says: “They can’t understand how we don’t feel exposed, but we are lucky enough not to be overlooked by anyone. I really wouldn’t have done this had I felt we were on show to anything other than a passing sheep.”

Gianluigi Moretti, director of Abitalia Cheltenham, adds: “We worked on the whole house with Pilar and there was an affinity in the way we progressed because her vision for her home tied in completely with my own.

“Our aim throughout was to create a flow; a flow which continued between rooms, and a flow between the interior of the house and the gardens and landscape surrounding it.”

Centre of attention

“The client wanted to create a modern bathroom with clean lines,” designer Sonia Pash tells us.

She says: “They also wanted something special about it, without going to extremes.

“The bathroom is quite small, so we could only have one feature element without overloading it.”

Copper bathroom feature wall
Photo from Temza

To match the homeowners’ requirements, the decision was made to install a stunning feature wall, comprising shimmering copper tiles.

Wanted: more storage

“The ensuite was dated and lacked storage,” explains homeowner Jenny Kakoudakis.

She says: “It was cramped, too, with both a bath tub and a shower cubicle.”

The family-shared space presented an assortment of issues; “the corner had a floor-to-ceiling storage unit, for example,” says Jenny, “it wasn’t painted correctly, it wasn’t accessible, it had exposed pipes inside it – it was just shocking.”

Storage solution bathroom
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Melinda Kiss of Keyhole Interiors was brought on-board to transform the space; “the space now feels big as the light bounces off the white walls (painted in Little Greene’s ‘Shirting’), as well as the tiles and the mirror,” says Jenny.