Bathroom tile zoning for a terraced Victorian property

We speak to designer Rebecca Milnes about her latest North London renovation, including patterned tiles and a cast iron bath

Patterned tile zoning in a London bathroom

According to recent studies, Victorian houses are still one of Britain’s favourite architectural types of building to look at and live in. But it’s likely that this popularity doesn’t stretch to most Victorian bathrooms – as they were usually adapted from the smallest bedroom space as bathrooms moved inside.

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Teal and grey retro bathroom floor tiles
Wall mounted sink tap fittings

This was the case for Marcus and Rupinder when they first moved in, here’s what they did.

The project in a nutshell:

Who lives here? Marcus Fairs, founder of Dezeen magazine, his wife Rupinder and their two young children

Location: North London

Property style: Terraced

Designer: Rebecca Milnes, CP Hart

Decade property was originally built: Victorian period

On the top floor of the four storey house, two side-by-side doors from the landing opened on to a small shower and toilet next to another small room with a bath and basin.

Wall mounted toilet in patterned tile zoned bathroom

“We wanted to replace them with a large family bathroom that all four of us could use at the same time, if needed, without it feeling crowded”, says Marcus.

As part of an extension to the rear of their home the couple created a larger guest room on the first floor, taking the opportunity to extend the top floor above to match and to create the larger bathroom they wanted.

Neutral colour scheme patterned tile bathroom

A soaring ceiling and room full of space was the result, equipped with walk-in shower, underfoot heating, a cast iron bath and double wash basin. Now all four members of the family can use the room without it feeling cramped.

The window has also been expanded to capture sweeping views of the city. “We just love the sense of space and luxury,” smiles Marcus.

Recessed shower shelf in walk-in shower

Designer Rebecca Milnes explains that she focused on creating zones for showering bathing and washing because it was a spacious room.

This zoning was aided by using tiles in sections. “Rupinder picked the striking patterned tiles by the Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, and the boldness of their look is balanced by sections of plain tiles in similar grey hues,” explains Milnes.

Cast iron bath by big window with natural light
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The curves of the mirror and bath help to soften out the sharp lines of the tiles. The free standing bath has a classic traditional look and is the perfect place to gaze out at the street below whilst soaking the day away.