Nikki Pierce: artisanal flowers and 17th Century still-life

We meet with florist Nikki Pierce to seek out her best advice for flowers in the house throughout the seasons


London-based flower expert Nikki Pierce is no stranger to luxury.

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At her studio, Petal & Grace, Nikki caters weddings, private parties and the rest, and she’s produced arrangements for the likes of Dolce & Gabana and Issay Miyake. All of Nikki’s flowers are locally sourced for environmental reasons and she makes use of all the leftover flowers for her arrangements in her own home.

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Profile by Sarah Weal

What started your passion for flower arranging?

I think my real passion started with my study of art. Flowers are represented in the most beautiful way by artists throughout time and I’ve always been fascinated by the composition of these amazing paintings. This combined with a real love of nature and a passion for bringing nature into our homes sparked my interest in floral design.

How do you bring together art and flowers in your work?

Art is a constant source of inspiration but I am particularly drawn to the work of the 17th century Dutch masters who painted the most amazing still life flower arrangements. For example, I love to arrange flowers as if they are growing in a flower patch, but also highlight the best bits of each bloom by showing off a particularly beautiful angle, or highlighting a quirky bend in a branch.

Do you have a favourite flower at the moment, and if so, what do you love about it?

It’s always so hard to choose, but right this minute I would have to choose the Japanese Anemone for its delicate and perky little blooms.

Nikki Pierce flower arranging Petal & Grace

What are your top tips for arranging flowers about the house?

Flowers can be such a great way to add intrigue to a room. So often a large vase is used to fill an empty space which can be lovely but it’s also so wonderful to see people drawn into spaces so that they can get a closer look at a bunch of flowers. Smaller, artisanal arrangements trailing off of a shelf or capturing light in a side table can really make a room feel more intimate.

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What flowers would you recommend using for arrangements in the autumn?

We are so lucky to have some really beautiful Dahlias in the Autumn and can usually get beautiful, British varieties as well. They come in the most beautiful rusty, deep reds and rich purples to really set the Autumnal mood.