If we could pick one new addition for our homes right now we'd choose a terrarium or a stylish indoor plant container. It seems to be a trend that's growing and growing (yes, pun intended)…


These decorative and ornamental containers are used for growing plants and you can creatively hang or display them close to a window. They're ideal for bringing some outdoor greenery indoors so, during the winter months when we're spending less time outside, these tiny gardens will create a stylish botanical touch to any room. They're also low maintenance so, even if you're not the green-fingered gardener type, you can enjoy them without having to worry about day-to-day care.


Here are a few examples that we love to get you started...






There are many varieties in interesting shapes and sizes and the fun part is choosing how you want to display them, whether you'd like to hang one by a window, group a collection on a windowsill or break up a bookshelf with a few appropriately place. We hope you enjoy creating your own little mini garden.





From top to bottom and left to right: Gallotti & Radice. Brass cage terrariums, £58; Cube terrarium, £44, all West Elm. Plant stands in small and large sizes shown with hexagon pots, from £32; Lines Blue wallpaper, from £71 per roll, all Ferm Living. Hanging ceramic plant pots, from £13.95 each, Mia Fleur. Nude Eden terrarium, £100, Amara. Geo Fleur teardrop terrarium, Unique & Unity. Lantern terrarium, £30; Mini House terrarium, £25, Oliver Bonas. Eden terrarium, £215, The Balcony Gardener



Article by: EKBB