By Ian Cameron, Creative Director of Cameron Design House

With the arrival of the New Year around the corner, bespoke, sculptural lighting experts, Cameron Design House look ahead to the biggest trends in lighting for 2020.

From dynamic configurations, hand-blown glass pendants, organic forms, vibrant blue and differing brass finishes, each design from Cameron Design House reveals inspirations from Founder Ian Cameron’s shared history between his hometown of Finland and current residence in the United Kingdom.

Renowned for creating bespoke chandeliers that effortlessly cascade from the ceiling, the grand and illuminating works of art are designed to inspire within any setting.

Dynamic configurations

With an enduring desire to achieve individuality, dynamic configurations are set to grow in popularity. With increased resistance to conform to the norm, Cameron Design House is able to provide clients with truly bespoke pieces, resulting in no two pieces being alike.

Hand blown glass

The trend for uniqueness is set to thrive in the year ahead as homeowners and designers seek to shock. From hand-blown glass with contrasting materials, to bold eye-catching accessories it’s all about being distinctive. Elevating simple forms into sculptural pieces, hand-blown glass makes up the core structure of the impressive Helmi and Kuulus chandeliers. Their bubble-like appearance, with a deep warming glow creates impact upon entry, for a truly awe-inspiring, show-shopping piece.

Organic form

Organic forms in nature continue to grow in popularity for 2020. Exploration of the natural world, combined with innovation in design encourages the development of abstract shapes and simplified forms. From the continuous linear style of the Inari chandelier created from the organic exploration of light fluidity, to the delicate pollen inspired frame of the Kasvaa pendant light, nature continues to influence design with increasing technological advancements.


Classic blue

The trend for Classic Blue replaces Living Coral for 2020. A prominent shade in the home, this moody colour will be seen on walls, furnishings and stand-out items, providing the perfect hue for statement pieces to shine in. Bold and brilliant, the ever-popular Haara chandelier seen below is coated in this opulent shade. Each piece from the collection is available in any choice of colour for a truly bespoke chandelier tailored to the individual. 

Brass variations

Providing a modern take on metal, warmer tones of brushed and polished brass will start to come through more regularly. Elegant yet subtle, the high shine or matt finishes pair perfectly with natural materials including marble and wood, for a refined interior and complements a vast array of colour schemes for a modern aesthetic. 

Ambient spaces

With the trend for spaces to relax and unwind in becoming more prominent in interiors, ambience is key with lighting playing a crucial role in helping to set the mood and surrounding atmosphere.

Article by: EKBB