Interior trends change as rapidly as fashion trends, encouraging us to tweak our home decor smaller forms as opposed to changing them entirely.  

Shifting colour palettes also play a key role in the evolution of home decor and furnishings, as each year a new colour becomes popular and appears in new patterns.

But how to translate the latest trends into simple but striking updates in your own home?

Here, interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott shares her thoughts on five emerging trends for next year - and the best way to make use of them in your home:

Eclectic glamour

Eclectic home decor

Image: kristjaana

In 2020, this bold, confident and sassy trend will make glamour a little rawer, combining an older look which takes inspiration from 1930s sophisticated elegance with a nod to the sexy Seventies. Think shaped furniture, soft edges and shell-like chairs, but all done in a sophisticated style. 

Colour palette: Rich tones for the focal pieces such as ruby or royal blue, pleasantly mixed with warmer tones of ochre, rose and bronze. The finishings are replete with metallic linings and bling – brushed brass and glimmering gold are amongst the palette.

Vanessa’s take and tips: “Eclectic means a variety of styles. It is simply when you create an interior with a selection of your favourite possessions including furniture, objects and fabrics, and skillfully combining styles. 

“It is focused on sumptuous velvets, and maybe some art deco, abstract modern art and metallic large print wallpapers.”


Japandi home decor

Image: Fresh Home

Japandi is a hybrid trend which brings together rustic Scandinavian simplicity and minimal Japanese style to create the ultimate stylish look.

Alongside the continuing fascination with all things Nordic, throughout many recent interior collections, you may have noticed an undercorrect of Japanese-influenced design, which is set to come out as the main focus this year.

Many big names are grasping onto the unique and traditional Japanese designs - think rich silk texture, bird motifs and oriental prints alongside firm furniture shapes. 

Colour palette: The key is soft, embracing soothing tones such as pale blue, light grey and pink, alongside accents in rich shades of teal, indigo and black,

Vanessa’s take and tips: “Japandi’ is a blend of Japanese and Scandi styles. I am a big fan of this look, very simple, uncluttered and minimal, using beautiful materials. Completely the opposite to how I live - but an aspiration!”

Structured simplicity 


This trend evolves from the Nordic retreat domination of 2019 and embraces a stripped-back yet cosy style, resulting in a calm and chilled-out living space which feels safe and warm.

Colour palette: Yellow-based neutrals and warm colour tones like oatmeal. Complementary accent colours are soft, but still set the scene and accompany the base.

Vanessa’s take and tips: “Scandinavian simplicity means relaxed and comfortable rather than overly minimalistic, and treasures crafted artisan style, unrefined finishes and good quality rather than quick-fix buys. 

“Textures and tactile qualities can be introduced through fabrics, rugs, throws, ceramics and natural woods; for instance: wool, sheepskin, wicker, earthenware, an ash or bleached wood for floors and furniture.”

Honest comforts 

This trend is centered around home comfort - just picture layered-up cushions and throws which make you feel like there is no place like home. Obviously, this is a perfect vibe for any home during winter, but it is also perfect for just heading into spring. 

Colour palette: This trend is natural, nothing too overdone, as it needs to feel comforting and warm. Think a mix of cool blue and grey which can be joined by accents of warmer pinks and browns to create an authentic and warm scheme. 

Vanessa’s take and tips: “Honest comforts’ is where I thrive, in interiors that feel lived in and have history; from faded and well-worn linen chair covers to heirloom rugs.”

Biophilic design 

biophilic decor


Biophilic is a new trend which works by blending human-engineered design with natural elements, developed by designers who want all the advantages of a contemporary home while retaining an organic feel and a connection to the natural world. 

Recycled wood can be used for everything: chairs, tables and floors, while an abundance of plants make for a clean and environmentally-friendly home. This year it is all about giving back to nature.

Colour palette: Think everything neutral, cream tones with an underlining brown accent. Rich earthy elements are what makes this trend a nod to the planet around us.

Vanessa’s take and tips: “Biophilic design’ is also where my heart is, with designs on my fabrics and wallpapers inspired by and connected to nature. Organic images always inspire and calm you, a constant reminder of the preciousness of our natural world.”

Article by: EKBB