With the summer bringing thoughts of change and a fresh perspective, now’s the perfect time to embrace brand new design trends, mixing up the old with the new.

It’s precisely this blending of design styles that inspired the launch of Maitland & Poate, who sell rare and beautiful reclaimed Spanish tiles in a traditional Andalucían Encaustic style to those redesigning their homes.

What started simply as admiration of this local artisan material soon developed further after Chris and his wife, Emma, spent time in Andalucía. Travelling from Sevilla to San Fernando, they became obsessed with finding the rarest antique tiles and other reclaimed flooring which other UK suppliers just couldn’t provide. These unusual finds would give them a daily reminder of those rolling Spanish hills and sun-drenched terracotta that evoked such distinctive memories. 

Maitland & Poate now stock the largest selection and widest range of reclaimed encaustic tiles in the UK, helping clients source bespoke batches for specific projects.

Their love for encaustic tiles inspired them to design and launch an exclusive range of handmade cement tiles using original methods. These high quality tiles are produced in Cordoba and include designs and colours you won’t find with any other UK supplier. The M&P artisans can also recreate any tile you may find and fall in love with.

To complement the tiles, the duo searched and discovered an eco-friendly lime paint from Sweden produced in a muted range of textured colours, in order to find a perfect partner to add depth alongside the tiles. The lime paints are VOC, solvent-free and allow a building to breathe, helping the longevity of a structure- not to mention the depth and variation created by the brush-applied paint given in terms of the finished aesthetics.

Combining such an antique artisan craft into modern day re-design projects really adds drama to any space and this is what is so exciting”, says Chris Brooke, Founder of Maitland & Poate.  “Our customers love the unique designs we can offer. By mixing this traditional style with the clean lines from more modern-day materials, customers really can make an individual statement with their interiors

As you read this, Chris and Emma are dragging their three young children through the Cadiz countryside in search of undiscovered tiles…

For more information please visit maitlandandpoate.com

Article by: EKBB