Moving into a new home is a time of mixed emotions – joy at finding somewhere to settle that suits ourneeds but also, unless we’re extremely lucky, the nagging knowledge that there is some work to be done and budget to be found toreallymake it the perfect fit.

For Mark and Lucy Greedy, they knew they’d have to extend in order to accommodate anything other than their existing kitchen. ‘We bought the house with a view to extend because it was quite a small 1960s house and the kitchen was tiny, but budget didn’t allow for the first four years here. Jensen (10) would ask to have friends over, and I’d wonder where we’d put them, so that was quite hard.’ Yet, the family knew it was just a matter of time, and used it positively to identify exactly how they wanted their savings to be spent.

To make it a place where everyone could come together with minimum fuss, the Greedys decided to go for ultra-modern and easy-to-clean lines, but with accents to make the large space inviting and warm. ‘The cabinets have a slight sheen that makes them tactile, and the oak makes all the difference. Sigma 3 suggested adding internal oak features too, and that adds to the flow when the kitchen is in use. I love the bar area and how it breaks up the expanse, as do the metal accessories. What was even better was that when we priced it up, it was actually cheaper than continuing the cupboards in that space,’ explains Lucy.

Even the children agree it was worth the wait. Lucy reflects; ‘One day, once the room was complete, Jensen sat back in his chair and said, ‘Mum, now I get it. Now I get why you wanted this.’ I’ll always remember that moment, so I’m glad we were brave with our aims, with size, with ultra-clean lines and colour. No regrets now.’

Pictures by: Paul Craig 

Article by: Kate Rowe