Above: The WHI643ORAWA is a modern, angular cooker hood in white from Gorenje. It comes with two power boost functions and three different speeds. You can also select between either ducted or recirculating options depending on what suits

The huge popularity of TV programmes like The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef has meant that our interest in food and cooking is stronger than ever. But when you’re whipping up those impressive dishes for friends and family it’s also important to ensure that there is a good cooker hood in place to filter away any smells, smoke and grease, and keep your kitchen space feeling clean and fresh. This is even more key in an open-plan cooking-dining space that is often used for entertaining, as you will want to keep cooking odours away from where guests may be relaxing on the other side of the room. If you’re on the lookout for a new cooker hood, then there are some crucial factors that come into play right off the bat. Fiona Barker-Scott, brand manager at Falmec, has this advice: ‘When choosing an extractor, the essential features to consider are design, extraction rate and quality. A powerful motor is also required to create an effective extraction system, and equally as important is the installation of the correct sized duct and the use of a high quality duct. Most extractors have a noise level of around 65 decibels, so seeking a model lower than 60dB is also advisable.’ We’ve rounded up some of the best cooker hoods, so you can get fully up-to-date on the essentials as well as the latest trends and designs on the market.

Below Left: Sophie is one of six designs in Falmec’s Circle.Tech collection. Shown here in the Charcoal finish, this model would make a striking addition to a modern kitchen scheme. The brand is able to offer strong extraction rates due to the horizontal filtering unit with Carbon. Zeo combined filter, which ensures a high level of odour neutralisation and moisture retention.

Above Right: CDA’s EZTK90BL model certainly makes a statement above the hob. It can work for both ducted and recirculating, and features touch control with three speeds including an intensive setting.

Article by: Lucy Macdonald