The type of flooring you choose in your bedroom will immediately set the tone for comfort, style, light, pattern and colour, so think carefully about the look you’re aiming for. Most people opt for carpet in this room as it’s soft underfoot and you don’t have to go for a really hardwearing product as this is a low-traffic area. There’s still plenty to consider though, to get the style and feel just right. In fact, for some of the best advice on choosing, buying and fitting, it’s worth getting in touch with The Carpet Foundation. A deep pile carpet has got to be top of the list for luxury and comfort. Made with longer fibres, it has depth so your feet will sink into it. The downside, of course, is that over time it will flatten and change appearance in some areas, but as bedrooms are low-footfall rooms, this shouldn’t be a huge problem. If you like the comfort of a deep pile but you are looking for a neater look, you might prefer a velvet pile, which is shorter but still very soft underfoot. Or, if you want for a different type of look altogether, go for a loop pile (rougher underfoot but a great contemporary vibe) or a tufted carpet that will show off a chosen pattern beautifully.




Most of us play it safe with carpet and choose a plain, neutral design, but a patterned carpet can still be a good, long-term choice if you’re clever about it. For instance, a narrow stripe will create a neat, tailored look (try it both length and widthways to see how it can make the room feel wider or longer). Florals and geometrics can also work well if you choose something in muted tones with only two or three different colours in the pattern. Team with plain walls and you can still keep a scheme restful while adding interest.


Wood is the first choice for many, with its warm feel, but the latest advances in laminate mean that you can create the look at a slightly lower cost. There are also plenty of colour options, from pale grey to black, plus the choice between parquet-style blocks or longer, wider, slimmer or shorter planks. And if you’re worried about warmth underfoot, invest in a rug. As it’s not a permanent fixture, you can give yourself a bit of a free rein and be bold with the colour or pattern. The possibilities are almost endless.


Shown from top to bottom and left to right: Rug, £95, Tine K Home; Bell Twist in Rosebud, £40 per sq. m, Brintons; Canyon Oak Warm Grey flooring, £27 per sq. m, Quick-Step; Cross Starfloral rug, £350, Habitat

Article by: Amy Curtis