'The best part about the house is that it’s situated next to the William Morris gallery and what was his original family home. I’m a huge fan of his and he has inspired my work’, explains homeowner Amy Powney as she reflects on how fitting it is that they decided on this Victorian terrace as their new home. Situated in Walthamstow in North East London, this recently renovated property is the home of Amy, creative director of fashion brand Mother of Pearl, and her husband Nick who is a visual merchandiser, along with Roxy their Cockapoo. Despite taking on a substantial amount of work by adding an extension, consisting of a side return and rear back extension on what was the old box kitchen, they were sure it was the right place for them. 

Even though when you first walk in through the front door the house seems narrow and small, the extension opened it up so that the ground floor created a large space for a kitchen, open-plan living room and a garden area. ‘We were so desperate to have a social kitchen for having friends and family over and also just ourselves for post-work catch ups and weekend breakfasts,’ says Amy. She spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram getting all kinds of inspiration and ideas but ultimately she wanted a look she could achieve in her home, so she turned to the founders of Pluck Kitchens. ‘They are very dear friends of my very dear friends and it was a natural fit creatively, once we began chatting about our project over dinner one night. We loved what they were doing and from then on we were so fixed on making it happen.’ It was mostly a matter of discussing the details further and because Amy and Nick already loved the style of the kitchens it was a smooth process. ‘We only needed to pick the colours and layout and then the marble was the final touch. The idea originally came from a sample we found and that then became a six-month long mission to source it.’ 

Combining a beautiful mix of materials and surfaces and injecting a sense of style was always going to come naturally to Amy as she has to have a keen eye for what looks good with her job. So what has been the best reaction from friends and family to the new kitchen? ‘Everyone loves it and it’s already been christened with copious barbecues and even a party where the back studio housed a glittering disco ball and DJ,’ says Amy joyfully.

Kitchen by Pluck Kitchens, Prices start from £15,000
Photos by:
 Malcolm Menzies

Article by: Emma Foale