The Waterworks bathroom showroom on The King's Road in London opened in 2014, and has recently expanded to include a kitchen section. We chat to CEO Peter Sallick about current trends, bathroom products and the new kitchen collection...


What is your favourite trend at the moment?
I think the move to more industrial style taps is great...they reflect the utility of the product and often have beautifully executed details.


What are the trends we can expect in bathrooms in the near future?
I expect to see more colour in bathrooms as this trend comes into the bath from other rooms in the home. The colours will be rich and create a warm and enticing experience with more individual personality.


What is your dream bathroom?
My dream bathroom is outside. I love outdoor showers so I want to extend that experience to other aspects of bathing, including a sink for brushing my teeth and shaving.


What's your bathroom like at home?
My bathroom is interesting because it's part of a changing room/closet in a 1920's house and is one of two in the master suite. I step through the changing room into the bathroom so it's very private and has architectural elements that are really part of the house. The room came with lots of interesting wood paneling. The main thing I added was new tile and shower fittings – a dark and interesting green/blue that feels very unique and personal to me, almost like stepping into the sea.



What is your must-have product you believe every bathroom should have?
A tray next to the sink to collect various items.


How important is finish to bathrooms?
A metal finish in a bath should reflect the sensibility of the whole house...warm or cool, bright or with a patina, the bath is an extension of the rest of the environment.


What is your most popular bathroom accessory?
Everyone needs a liquid soap pump, it's so easy and clean!


Why have Waterworks decided to launch a kitchen collection?
We know how to design and make each item, but the fun of the project was imagining how everyone comes together in such a public and social space in the home. Baths are very private, but taking our world into the kitchen opens up a huge new range of possibilities.


What can we expect from the new kitchen collection?
Great details, exciting new functional perspectives and strong color in cabinets and tiles.



Article by: EKBB