Above: Faux wood panelling is softened by quilted accessories and a delicate button-back bedframe. The Fontaine double bed is £945; Willersey grey wardrobe, £705, both Barker & Stonehouse

While one of the first things most of us consider when it comes to decorating our bedrooms is the colour, it’s also texture that plays an equally vital role in the design process and is what gives a scheme its all-important depth and soul. Of course, choosing the furniture, lighting and accessories all play a part in bringing the overall look together, but without the introduction of texture, a room can easily be left feeling flat and unfinished. 

Below Left: The Croft Berber rug is £525; Bala bed, £599; Throw, from £79; Stanley pendant, £95, all available from John Lewis

Above Right: Combine puckered, tufted and smooth bedding for added visual interest, but keep the look pared back by avoiding the use of too much pattern. Mattress from £649, Herdysleep

A bedroom should be a sanctuary for sleep and a space in which you can feel at ease, so getting the right balance of textures is so important. It’s these parts of the design that make a space feel cosy and lived in and reflective of the mood you want to emanate. Introducing different tactile elements creates visual interest, whether that’s through soft touches such as rugs and bedding, or contrasting qualities like rough natural wood or smooth glass. Claire O’Brien, head of design at British Ceramic Tile, explains: ‘Texture can be added in many ways, be it through decorative paint techniques, wall hangings and wooden or tiled flooring to off-set a bedroom scheme. Marrying harsher finishes like brick and concrete with wood works well to neutralise a space and, when using hard flooring or tiles in a bedroom, be sure to add plenty of soft furnishings to create a sense of balance. For those wishing to tap into trends, woods are highly versatile and are being used in bedrooms to create a warm, Scandinavian scheme which complements the hygge movement we’re still seeing. Complete this look with faux furs and chunky knits.’ 

Below Left: The Lisbon bed linen in Blush pink is from £135 for a double size, available at The French Bedroom Company

Above Right: Larsson bed, from £1,210; Bedside table, from £315; Stamford throw, £186; Harriet bed linen, from £29; Bloomsbury lampstand, from £80, all Neptune

Throughout the winter months, cosiness becomes an even bigger part of our bedroom wish list and soft, plush textures can be introduced to suit the season. Velvets are becoming increasingly popular in home furnishings and their luxurious qualities make them perfect for creating a boutique-inspired space. Consider opting for an upholstered bedframe or headboard to soften your overall look, or add smaller touches in the form of throws, quilts, rugs and cushions for a quick and simple update. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite ideas to help inspire you.

Article by: Cassie Pryce