Moody Blues
Associated with water and the sky, blue possesses properties to encourage calmness and tranquillity. It has been a popular choice for bedroom schemes for some time and, contrary to the common misconception, it’s far from being a cold choice for your décor. Deep tones such as navy, cobalt and, even electric blue, are engaging and can create a meditative environment which is well-suited to bedrooms. Paula Taylor, colour and trends specialist for Graham & Brown, says: ‘This stylish and sophisticated shade of blue can be teamed with soft shades of pink and taupe to add warmth and help it evolve from season to season. When it comes to injecting pattern into your space, it works well with large-scale floral motifs or geometric designs to add depth.’

Above Left:
 Mrs Peel wallpaper in Summer, £65 per roll, Fired Earth

Above Right: Wardley four-posted bed, from £2,090; Tolsey rug in Navy, £350; Cley throw, £150, all Neptune

Forest Greens
Be inspired by the great outdoors and let nature influence your colour choices for the new season. Deep tones of green have a dramatic effect and are particularly fitting for a bedroom scheme where they will immediately evoke a sense of cosiness and depth. Look for wallpaper designs with a nod to botanicals – such as woodland silhouettes or palm leaves – and introduce natural materials, like wood or wicker, in furniture and accessories to embrace the look wholly. Judy Smith, colour consultant at Crown Paints, talks us through the concept behind the colour trend: ‘The overall effect is one of organic formation and combining different tones of green abstractly
depicts scenes representing the outdoor landscape.’

Below Left: Team lighter shades of green, like Sapling claypaint, £38 for 2.5L from Earthborn, with Charcoal grey accents for a striking contrast. Also shown: Charleston double duvet set, £120, from Christy

Above Right: Try Green Smoke estate emulsion, £43.50 for 2.5L, Farrow & Ball. Also shown: Eastergate armchair, from £526, Mood Collections

Embrace a bright colour palette and decorate your sleeping space with warming tones such as mustard yellow, burnt orange and rich teal. Not only do these shades add instant character to your walls, but they lend themselves to retro designs and patterns when it comes to wallpaper, meaning you can pull together a strong bedroom look led by your colour choices. David Mottershead, managing director at Little Greene, says: ‘Bold bedroom colours introduce a sense of drama and luxury. Combining a palette of these shades in one room is perfect for those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning, as they work together to create an energetic and stimulating environment.’

Below Left: Elsted chair, from £373; Redford upholstered bed, from £824, both Mood Collections

Above Right: Create double duvet set, £29; Two-tone knit throw, £45; Grey velvet cushion, £20, House of Fraser

Article by: Cassie Pryce