Now that we are fully emmersed in autumn and temperatures are starting to drop we will start to spend more and more time indoors. It's a great time therefore to start creating a warm and inviting atmosphere at home to make those darker evenings more cosy. With our kitchens being a place to socialise as well as cook and eat, it's important to turn it into a well-lit area that people will enjoy spending time in. Vita Copenhagen’s chief creative developer, Søren Ravn Christensen, has shared some top lighting tips...


'The kitchen is the centre point of the home during autumn and winter. All kitchens need to feel inviting and inspiring – kitchens are often used not only for practical reasons, but also as a focal point for social interactions, with your family and friends stopping by during the colder winter months. Each situation needs different lighting – functional or ambient. Functional is for obvious reasons, which is to enable completing the tasks at hand in the kitchen, but the most important is the ambience that a more decorative and accent lighting can create. With the VITA Ripples and Acorn families of small pendants, you can get the practical and focused task lighting, while at the same time create the ambience you want for making the whole room more inviting and cosy, thus making the perfect setting to relax and take time out with your loved ones. As a rule of thumb the bottom of the pendant should be in the same height as your forehead when standing up, but of course recessed about 30cm from the front of the counters. Try to align these pendants in groups of two or three to create an intimate setting.'





Lead – Acorn lights in polished copper, from £64

Bottom – Conia mini in black and gold, both from Vita Copenhagen

Article by: EKBB