Above The BeoSound Shape system is a modular design concept with tiles that can be customised to the colours and pattern that you want, creating something that resembles a piece of art on your walls. Price From £3,400, Bang & Olufsen



Technology is such an integral part of our lives now; from the phones and tablets that we use every day to the appliances in our kitchens. However, how do we stop our homes from becoming overrun with cables and remote controls and prevent us from channelling those minimalist, Scandi vibes? The answer is for technology to integrate into the house rather than allowing gadgets to take up valuable wall and shelving space. This is where the aesthetics of those gadgets comes in, and we have been so impressed with the level of trend-led design that we have seen coming through in recent times. If you’re a music lover then there are now plenty of ways that you can slip speakers seamlessly into a living room or bedroom and not have to compromise the room scheme. We love how these Urbanears (pictured left) speakers become part of a styled up shelf – plenty of design points without losing any of the sound quality that’s necessary to fully enjoy music. TVs are also becoming more of a style statement these days, and a good example is the Samsung The Frame model. Stephen Mitchell from Samsung Electronics, explains: ‘The TV is a hub of entertainment within a household, however is still spends time as a big, black box that sits in the living space. The Frame transforms any room into a more vibrant and personalised environment. Working hand-in-hand with technology, the Frame’s unique design distinguishes the physical TV as a piece of art itself.’




Below Left The Loop model from Elica is a vertical hood, priced from £2,100

Above Right We want our technology to slot seamlessly into our homes and the Urbanears connected speakers do just that. The Stammen is £299 and Baggen is £399




Above Art and technology are one with The Frame TV by Samsung. The 4K Ultra HD model is available in 55in and 65in versions. Prices start at £1,999


Article by: Lucy Macdonald