Above The four-poster bed was made bespoke to fit the room and upholstered to order also, as were the valances and bed curtains. The mattress is handmade


Below Left Most of the artworks were sourced from various antique art fairs all over the UK and all the frames were bespoke-made and painted. The pieces were then hung using shadow mounts in a variety of different colours

Above Right Instead of trying to force more daylight in with skylights or extra windows, the designer chose to brighten the space predominantly with wall, table and floor lamps 'to create corners pooled in warm light'


When asked about the inspiration behind the refurbishment of the Garden House Hotel, which is the snug little sister to the grander Beaverbrook Estate in Surrey just opened this summer, designer Nicola Harding says that it came from many sources. The architecture of the building, the interplay between the cottage and the gardens (the property is set in a walled kitchen garden), the eccentricity of historic English interiors as well as the designer’s own desire to create a sense of luxurious informality from her imagining of the kind of person who might originally have lived here, all play a part: ‘I envisioned the woman of the house as maybe a relation of the family and who loved her garden and was probably rather batty,’ she says. ‘This led me to idiosyncratic furniture and a sense of fun with fabric and artworks. I also drew inspiration from the evocative country estate world created by Frances Hodgson Burnett in ‘The Secret Garden’. And then, as we got down into the more detailed design, more specific things provided inspiration. For example, the scheme of one of the bedrooms was inspired by a fabric I found and used for the curtains; the rest of the room developed from there.’ And any advice on bringing this quirky-cosy look to your bedrooms at home? ‘Try experimenting with different fabrics which can give a sense of it evolving over time. Let things develop too – you don’t have to have everything in place at your own house immediately and can layer up your interiors over time. That’s really the always best way to achieve a unique look.’



Photos by : James Mcdonald photography

Article by: Ciara Elliott