As design director of bespoke kitchen specialist Martin Moore, Richard Moore spends a great deal of time thinking about… kitchens. So you would be forgiven for thinking that designing one for his own home would be as easy as falling off the proverbial log. Not so, as Richard explains: ‘I enjoy working with clients to help them cherry pick from all the options to create their dream kitchen, but here I could only bounce ideas off myself.’ While Richard admits that wife Nicki and their three children were able to contribute the odd suggestion, the kitchen design was largely his domain. ‘I had always wanted an opportunity to manipulate a space to make an open-plan room for our family,’ he says.


It was while on holiday in Australia, where Nicki grew up, that they first heard that the Victorian house in Cheshire was up for sale. ‘We had been looking for a long time, and this looked like just the property for us, so I sent my mum round to quickly scout it out,’ recalls Richard. The square footprint and opportunity to alter and extend the rear of the house to make the large kitchen were the tempting factors, the dated décor (every floor a different era) less so. ‘Even from the other side of the world, we could see its potential,’ he says.



On their return, the couple moved swiftly to purchase the house, stripping it back to its bare bones as they began a major renovation. Installing seven pieces of steel, they were able to remove a wall between the old dining room and ‘dog leg’ tiny kitchen, extending across the rear and adding large folding glass doors to provide easy access to the garden and to create an outdoor entertaining space, inspired by Australian-style living.


The family’s love of cooking and entertaining is reflected in the layout – ‘so at least two of us can be cooking at the same time,’ says Richard – while the room is zoned to create distinct areas for socialising, relaxing and dining, as well as cooking. Tricky as it was to hone his myriad of ideas, does he feel it’s a success? ‘I’m very happy with the balance of luxury and elegance with super-practicality. That’s what makes a great kitchen.’



Kitchens from Martin Moore start at £35,000.



Photos by: Darren Chung

Article by: Amelia Thorpe