Above Where space is tight, under-bed storage or a pull-out sleepover mattress is a really great addition to a pre-teen or teenager’s bed. The Jade bed with storage drawers is £259, with bedside cabinet, £85 and study desk, £225, all from Cuckooland


We asked Emma Lynch, designer at Lamb Interiors, for her top tips:


What do you advise when starting with a colour scheme?

I am a big fan of neutral shades in kids’ rooms, adding a pop of colour on a wall or picking it out with accessories. If you don’t want a monochrome room then choose a palette of three or four shades and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to pick all the colours of the rainbow unless that is the theme you are going for. White washed floors and walls provide the perfect backdrop for all art, wall hangings, animal heads and decals which you can layer into the scheme. I always suggest starting with one piece you love and then building a room around that.


And bedding?

I adore fabrics and they can bring such a beautiful feel and quality to a room. Try to stay away from kiddy materials as they won’t grow with your child and you will have to replace them sooner than you realise. Choose plain materials and then all a nursery needs is some changing of beds and bedding etc. to transition from toddler to teenager.


Below Left The skirting is painted in Marigold 209; Lower wall in Pale Lime 70; Upper wall in Brighton 203; Ceiling in Slaked Lime. Prices start from £42 for 2.5L Absolute Matt Emulsion

Above Right Grace Tindall’s Peak District shop Scandibørn is pure inspiration from the frontline. Shown here is the junior bed, from £619


What’s the best way to plan in storage effectively?

This is so key, and especially important if the bedroom is also the playroom, or things will be strewn everywhere. Kids need to be able to see their toys and encouraged to play so aim to have built-in storage for items like arts and crafts, jigsaws, and open baskets and storage bags for other things. Open shelving is a great way to show off more decorative items.


And furniture?

Pick pieces that will realistically grow with your child or at least be able to be re-used elsewhere in the house. Cots should always be cot beds so they can be used until your child is at least six years old. A chest of drawers can be used as a changing station with a changing basket or mat on top. An armchair and footstool can be used for a nursing chair and then re-used in a sitting room when nursing is no longer necessary. Furniture can also be a statement piece in a kid’s room. A tent bed, treehouse bunk bed or even caravan bed all have the potential to turn a room into a dream space. So sometimes it’s worth it to not be too practical too.


Below A stylish crib to bed conversion by Bunny and Clyde, meet the Harrison bed, with prices starting at £400, Lamb Interiors



Article by: Ciara Elliott