Above The Gessi Cono range from C.P. Hart includes the stylish countertop basin, from £764; Wall-mounted mirrors, from £875, and showerhead, from £1,407 


Thanks to neutral hues, tactile finishes and clever technologies, it’s easier than ever to create a soothing mindful ambience in your bathroom. Manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge of offering sanitaryware and bathroom accessories that are able to make your morning routine run smoothly and your evening ritual relaxing. ‘With 3.7 million Brits stating that the bathroom is the only place in the home they can find a retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s no surprise that escapism is the next big thing in bathroom design,’ says Chris Taylor, design expert at Bristan. ‘Deep, luxurious baths and vessel sinks work particularly well to create a mindful space as they help to evoke the alluring feeling of a spa while meeting the demands of both traditional and contemporary style.’ Texture plays an important part too. ‘In terms of the aesthetic of a mindful bathroom, there has been an increase in the use of luxuriously smooth natural stone, as this is perfect for adding warmth to the look of a space,’ explains Dan Cook, designer at C.P. Hart. ‘The use of deep wood grain or rough textures on tiles makes everything tactile and touchable, which is a perfect feature for a natural bathroom, tailored around relaxation.’


Below Left With a smooth wooden panel backdrop, the sedimentary stone composite with Gibbsite mineral filler material used in the Palermo Grande bath, £1,317, helps to create a calming space. It’s from Clearwater Baths

Above Right The Corian® used in this bathroom creates an organic flow in the design. Sleek, strong, non-porous and silky to the touch, it comes in a choice of 100 colours and is shown here cladding a bespoke bath, chaise and wall feature. Prices start from £310 per linear m


Clever storage is also integral to achieving a streamlined and clutter-free space, as are well-thought-out floor plans that create free-flowing areas, effortlessly leading on from bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes. Bespoke furniture pieces that have been especially made to match the style of sanitaryware will help to make your bathroom feel like an extension of your living space. ‘A meticulous selection of finishes and colour shades, mood lighting and the combination of fragrances and sounds help create exactly the right ambience that engages with all the senses,’ says interior designer Jenny Weiss, co-founder of Hill House Interiors. ‘Luxurious extras such as a hamman, steam shower, body jets and spa bath all go towards making your room a sensory experience, so you feel relaxed and happy.’


Smart home technology lends itself perfectly to creating a tranquil bathing environment. Crestron intuitive home automation systems, for example, will create the perfect scene for relaxation at the touch of a button – recreating many of the features you would find at a luxury spa, such as mood lighting, soft music and running water features. ‘A variety of settings can be pre-programmed completely adapting the lighting, music, temperature and more to suit your mood,’ explains Petra Van Meeuwen at Crestron. ‘Dimmed lights and colourful LEDs, for example, create the perfect bathroom setting – whether bright and clear for daily make-up application, or soft and relaxing for a peaceful and rejuvenating bath.’


 Above The Uptown Tile collection in white features a range of glazed ceramic and porcelain wall and floor designs. Available from Gemini Tiles, prices start from £42.99 per sq. m


Making as much use of the natural light – with baths positioned near windows, and floor-to-ceiling window panels – will add to the feel-good factor too. ‘Introducing mindfulness into bathroom design is as much about practicality and ergonomics as anything,’ says Edel Nicholson of Merlyn Showering. ‘Ensure that your toiletries have a place and are in easy reach as this will make all the difference, as will features such as a digitally controlled shower that can be tailored to your desired temperature before you enter. These will all go towards creating a mindful state in your bathroom with no disturbances to distract you from the here and now.’



Article by: Emily Peck