Lead image This design by Pluck Kitchens is made from London Plane and laminate and shown with a Corian® worktop. The Mint colour is Lido. Prices start at £15,000


A lot of us have reservations when it comes to incorporating colour into our homes, and many questions pop into our minds such as which shades work best together and can you be creative with colour without be too daring? The answers to these often quite simply comes down to personal taste and how confident you are, however there are some useful tips to remember when considering ways to introduce anything other than what some might consider a ‘safe’ neutral shade into your home – because, who knows, stepping out of your comfort zone may surprise you.


 Above This splashback is made from a glass mosaic in pretty pearl irid, light beige and honey colours. The design is called Chrysalis in a pattern called Plume, from £2,200 per sq. m, from Ann Sacks


In your kitchen, you’ll need to think about how you’ll use the room and how colour will impact your mood and the atmosphere of the whole space; with so many homes having open-plan designs the idea of zoning and using colour to not only decorate but also divide cooking and dining spaces, has become more common. There are various tips and tricks to think about depending on the size and shape of your room, considering light and space. ‘Combine colours of the same hue in your kitchen to increase the light towards the ceiling and paint darker tones towards the cabinets, skirtings and floors. For additional designer flair, add in a thin stripe of a bright colour between the tonal colours – or for an avant-garde look, do the same around a door way says David Mottershead, managing director at Little Greene.


Below right Prices start from £17,500 for the Pure kitchen range at John Lewis of Hungerford


Above left The Stonelustre tiles in Aqua are £300 per sq. m and the Malachite paint is £55 per 2.5L of eggshell. At Fired Earth.


Ultimately, using colour gives you an exciting opportunity to release your creativity and inject personality into your home. In the kitchen, once you’ve chosen your cabinetry and painted the walls, everything from your favourite recipe books and artwork to your choice of beautiful tableware and furniture will provide additional touches that’ll make you feel right at home.



Article by: Emma Foale