Gallery walls are a great opportunity to showcase your style while solving the problem of vast empty spaces in your home. Design blogger Ruth Matthews shares her ideas here...


1. Think about the look you want – is it geometric, monochrome, eclectic or photographic? If you know from the start you will save a lot of time sourcing things.

2. Mix things up and play with dimensions for interest. I love quirky plates and botanical or natural history items, but handwoven tapestries or anything that breaks up the balance of prints is an effective way of creating a look that doesn’t feel too contrived.




 3. Source around so they’re not all from the same place. Try to use something unexpected or textural. I’ve framed cushion covers, textiles, leaves, wrapping paper, vintage packaging and pom-poms, alongside prints from a wealth of sources. Smaller pieces will anchor your collection.


4. Lay all the items out to see your arrangement first, this’ll give you a chance to look at the order and the proportions which look most effective, it will also help you to anticipate where an arrangement may look a little flat and hint at what may be missing.



Shown from top to bottom:

Selection of birch, copper and oak frames. from £15, Habitat; Abstract prints, £40, Cox & Cox; Print, £18.95, Desenio

Article by: EKBB