Lead image The CAFF41 French door fridgefreezer from Caple has a stainless steel finish and electronic touch controls. Price from around £1,518


The way we all shop, eat and store our food has changed in recent years. With the rise of healthy eating bloggers and food fads, we are all more conscious of what we are eating and opting for those healthier options. Stocking up on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables that have a limited lifespan however does mean that food inevitably goes off and gets thrown away every day – in fact millions of tonnes of food are wasted every year. This is where your hardworking fridge-freezer comes in. We’ve all become more aware of how important it is for our food to stay fresh and retain vitamins and minerals for as long as possible, so there are plenty of models available now with technology that aims to do just that.


Above For a top-end model that’s packed with new tech, the Signature InstaView Door-in-Door™ refrigerator from LG is one to consider. Price from around £6,000.


Max McCormick, product manager at Miele, says: ‘Frost-free is a great and convenient feature to have. It means that manual defrosting is no longer required, as cool air circulates throughout the fridge cabinet and prevents the formation of ice on food. Also, look out for models which benefit from dynamic cooling – this provides a consistent temperature throughout the fridge, thanks to a fan that ensures excellent circulation and distribution of the cold air.’


Above A new model from Smeg is the FQ75XPED – a fridge-freezer with a large capacity that comes complete with an ice and water dispenser and LCD display. Prices start from £1,999.


It’s also key to think about your lifestyle and day-to-day needs before purchase. Lucy King, product manager at Smeg UK advises: ‘Don’t get too swept up in ‘smart home’ style technology and super modern features – a fridge-freezer is a fundamental requirement of a kitchen and needs to at least perform basic duties. Don’t forget to ensure your chosen style includes fruit and vegetable crispers, wine racks, bottle storage and wipe-clean shelves.’


Article by: Lucy Macdonald