Lisa – who blogs at – shares ways of incorporating this most romantic of shades into your decorating scheme at home:


1. Pink and black look good together Whether you go for the whole shebang or just a feature wall, everyone needs a bit of pink in their space. Dark side lover but want to give it a go? Panic not – the combination of pink with dark looks seriously effective and really brings an edge to your walls.


2. Start with accessories Pink is the colour of the day and accessories haven’t missed out on the trend. The stores are full of fabulous homewares that will add colour to your décor without having to go the whole hog. I love pink neon and pink sheepskin but equally a great soft pink velvet chair or a petal lampshade will bring just that right amount in, without being sickly sweet.


3. Try wallpaper Pink, grey and green are the perfect combination.


4. Use pink as an accent colour Picking out something that wouldn’t usually be a feature is really effective – for example a door frame or a fireplace. 


Images - Lisa painted her lounge a chalky boudoir-style pink to showcase her vintage plates and prints. She used Ballerina by Frenchchic.



Article by: EKBB