With the change in season comes the introduction of new trends, and we are fully embracing the gorgeous autumnal colour palettes and cosy interiors coming through. We are seeing a real return to nature, with plenty of forest greens and browns mixed with woodland animal print fabrics. Invite some of the outside into your home with a woodland-inspired wallpaper, which would look great in a living room or bedroom, or try adding some cute accessories such as cushions, prints or throws. Here's a few ideas we have been loving.




Shown top to bottom and left to right: Skog 622-08 wallpaper, £386 per roll, Sandberg; Skog Rost 215-51 wallpaper, £60 per roll, Sandberg; Tuileries 214083 wallpaper, £58 per roll, Sanderson; Enchanted Wood fabric, £48 per metre, Hibou Home; Welsh Reflection linen cushion by Anna Jacobs, £65, quiirk; Exotic Bird bookends, £54.50, Within

Article by: EKBB