To say that photographer Paul Craig has seen a fair share of beautiful houses is probably an understatement. Having worked for top-end designers, furniture companies and magazines for most of his working life, he’s been so utterly immersed in the beautiful world of interiors that when it came to doing up his own three-storey, five bedroom home, the only problem was where to start. ‘Luckily, I’m very specific about what I like,’ says Paul. ‘Originally this space was two bedrooms but we wanted a walk-in wardrobe, and also to be able to stroll in from the bedroom, to the wardrobe and then to the bathroom. It was a challenge to make it flow for us. We did sacrifice with bedroom space to achieve a walk-in closet this size but it was a good compromise. I wouldn’t change anything.’



A chance conversation with a builder meant that Paul and his solicitor husband Tim Dawson found the right carpenter, who was then able to create the hotel chic vibe that they’d been visualising for the wardrobe. ‘The idea for these sleek wardrobes came from our friend who owns the tailoring place, Norton Townsend,’ explains Paul. ‘We are into bespoke suits and jackets and wanted to show off our best clothes. The inspiration is definitely from a high-end shop – and it looks like one – but bespoke tailoring is a big thing for us.’



When it came to the bathroom and bedroom, the couple wanted to create distinctive rooms that connected beautifully to the walk-through wardrobe, but that also felt unique in themselves. Inspired by visits to favourite hotels and restaurants including The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana and the Corinthia hotel in London, the idea was to bring some of that cool, laidback, cosmopolitan feel to the space. ‘We both like clean lines and we are not into fancy frou-frou. With these inter-connecting rooms, I had in mind a highend hotel of the cosiest kind. We both loved the idea of dark, rich colours in the bedroom, with the luxe silky fabric doors, and then into a streamlined closet space and into the bathroom which has a lot more of a stark industrial vibe, while still maintaining that spacious, luxurious feel.’ Mission accomplished, and what is Paul’s favourite element of the three rooms? ‘The wardrobe is just amazing. I love the drama of it all.’


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Pictures by Paul Craig


Article by: Ciara Elliott