Lead image DS400 screen, £750; TR-35 tray, priced £426 and the Linneal shower, £1,300., from Aqata


Selecting the most suitable shower takes careful consideration. While it’s easy to get carried away by the latest designs, it’s important to take time to assess the practicalities such as water pressure, size and space before you buy. ‘Firstly, make sure the shower valve is compatible with your water system,’ advises Kelly Everest, marketing communications manager at Grohe. ‘If you have a low pressure system, which is under one bar, make sure you choose a product that is adapted to a low flow system to ensure optimum performance. Installing a separate pump however, will help to increase the pressure.’


Below Stile multifunctional steam shower unit by Teuco. Priced from £5,088.



Always go for a thermostatic valve – if someone else in the house starts using cold water, the thermostatic cartridge will regulate the temperature of the shower to avoid scalding and if the cold water pressure completely fails, the valve will automatically shut down. Next, think about whether you want a fixed or adjustable showerhead, a drencher or smaller shower rose and a separate handshower for dual functionality. You may need a bath/shower mixer if it’s an over-bath shower solution. Consider too if you live in a hard water area. Some designs feature anti-limescale coatings and rub-clean nozzles to help combat this common household problem. The rise in popularity of digital or smart showers has also seen bathrooms becoming more high-tech and you can now find models that come with app control, keep warm functions, Bluetooth and pre-programmed settings for different members of the family.


Below left The Europlus shower trimset shown costs £169; Rapido E shower valve, £82 and the handshower, rail and hose, £177, from Grohe.



Above right The Wind showerhead in chrome is priced from £226 with the arm at £88; The Faraway 2 shower system including glass panel and Cristalplant tray costs £4,440; Bath/ shower mixer with diverter, £359; Body spray lateral showerhead, £94, Zucchetti. Kos


‘We advise picking quality products,’ says Dan Cook, designer at C.P. Hart. ‘Showerheads and enclosures are areas where quality counts, as low cost units can degrade quickly. Many people spend over an hour a week under the shower, so it’s worth choosing something that meets your needs and will last at least 10 years.’ Seamless shower trays are also on the up. ‘We will continue to see an increase of low profile shower trays,’ adds Dan. ‘Wet rooms offer a more seamless look but come with specific installation requirements and full wet rooms aren’t always possible, so we’re now inevitably seeing a growing trend of flush-to-floor trays that can be colour matched to your tile or floor covering.’


Article by: Hayley Gilbert