We all experience technology in our homes, whether it be in the form of appliances in the kitchen or a sound system in the living room. But what about the bedroom? Our lives can be so busy and full that our sleep space needs to be an environment for us to relax and unwind in, but in fact contemporary technology can help to achieve just that. Far from being something to overwhelm and confuse with lots of buttons and cables, the latest gadgets are there to make life easier and smoother. Technology today is able to fit seamlessly into our homes, including the bedroom, and even remain out of sight if required as well as be operated in a way that is both intuitive and convenient.


If you’re someone that ends up watching films or browsing the internet on your phone or tablet in bed then you may be interested to see in this round-up how a TV screen can be incorporated into the bed frame, so it can be hidden when not in use then rise up when you’re ready to watch, all at the touch of a button. Or, perhaps you want to create different types of lighting and atmospheres without having to move around the room switching on and off different lamps and lights – with the Philips Hue you can tailor it to your preferences from your phone or tablet. Not only that, there’s also smart blinds, audio and even bedding that works to create a comfortable room for you to chill out in after a hard day, so read on to discover some new technologies and how they could work in your bedroom...


1 Watch in comfort 

Lead image Is there anything more indulgent than catching up on your favourite shows and films in bed? The Medford TV bed frame includes a 40in HD Toshiba TV that you can raise up and down using the remote control, so you can hide it out of sight when not in use. You can connect via Bluetooth to a handset and it has a USB charging socket. It’s available in double, king and super king sizes. Medford Upholstered TV bed frame, £1,699 for a double, Bensons for Beds.


2 Warm underfoot

Below There’s nothing more unappealing than getting out of bed in the morning and stepping onto a cold floor. Underfloor heating is a great way to ensure that the space is nice and warm. Nick Felsing, group sales & marketing director at Warmup, says: ‘Whether you’re looking to increase your comfort by having warm floors, or seeking a system that provides heat for the entire space and is energy efficient, underfloor heating is cost-effective and offers you unrivalled comfort. Any room regardless of it’s shape or size can be heated under carpet, laminate, engineered wood and other floating floors, using Warmup underfloor heating systems.’ Click flooring in New England Oak, from around £34.99 per sq. m, Amtico.



3 Ways with windows

Above Having electric blinds in your bedroom is super handy for a variety of reasons, as Kirsty Hunt from Duette® explains: ‘Motorised blinds are ideal for the ever-growing trend in large windows. Sensors on automated blind systems will lower blinds when sunlight reaches a certain high point, so bedrooms are cool enough at the end of the day to deliver a great night’s sleep.’. Sleek electric blinds not only help maintain a minimalist look in the bedroom but also allow you to control the amount of light coming in with ease. These Duette® blinds in grey start from £150.


4 Form & function

Below Furniture can also be multi-functional and be the ideal place to house technology, especially with a bespoke design that ensures that everything fits into place perfectly. Shown here is the Odeon wardrobe that houses a home entertainment system, with a panel for the screen that opens fully in order to position the TV and also allows access to an internal compartment. The Odean wardobe is priced at £4,560, from Chaplins.



5 See the glow

Below If you love the ambience that a fire creates but don’t want the real thing, then you could choose between two different technologies. Smart Fire is a HD fireplace video that includes flying sparks and smoke projected above the firebed. Alternatively there’s Smart Flame, which is water atomised into a fine, dense fog by ultrasound and illuminated by LED lamps, creating a lifelike flame effect. Ameno with Smart Flame from Spectral at Chaplins, priced at £15,412 (as shown).



6 Raise the roof

Below Integrated sound systems are the ideal way to keep your bedroom free from cables and saves on space while still allowing you to listen to music whenever you like, with sound that emerses the whole room. Amit Ravat, co-founder at Lithe Audio, says: ‘You can play music in the bedroom and en suite in unison to create the ultimate boutique hotel feel at home, or connect to a TV for movie nights in bed.’ The Lithe Audio ceiling speakers are priced at £199 for a single Bluetooth ceiling speaker or £269 for a pair.



7 Let there be light

Below Lighting is so important for creating the right ambience, and Philips has a table lamp that is both stylish and clever. You just connect it to the brand’s Hue Bridge via wi-fi so that you can then conrol it from your phone or tablet. Not only can you tailor the type of lighting – brighter in the morning and a warm glow in the evening perhaps – you can also set timers and alerts to make the lighting work with your routine. Philips Hue Phoenix LED table lamp, £150, John Lewis.



8 Smart sleeping

Below Last but not least is the technology that you’re not even aware of and that you can sleep on every day – your duvet and pillows. The Cotton range from the Fine Bedding Company uses ThermAIR Dual Layer tech that combines silk Smartfil® fibres and a construction of micro chambers to keep warm air circulating. Studio by Silentnight also has a pillow that you can tailor to your exact needs with a unique pillow pad system. The three inner pillow pads consist of a soft, medium and hard so that you can create seven different comfort options depending on your needs. The Studio pillow by Silentnight is priced at £49.



Article by: Lucy Macdonald