Lead image The contemporary Como bedroom furniture collection from Daval is elegant in an Ash wood grain finish, while the Garda design in Stone high gloss acrylic provides an attractive two-tone design. Made-to-measure prices start from £2,400.


There’s nothing quite like the thrill of buying a new item of clothing – whether it’s a sale bargain or something you’ve been saving up for, the excitement of getting it home, unwrapping it and trying it on never tires. However, when it comes to storing said purchase, do you feel stressed at the thought of a disorganised wardrobe space, bulging drawers and stacks of shoes piled up? The answer is to invest in a bespoke system tailor-made to suit your every need.


Below Go Modern has one of the largest ranges of Italian-made fitted and freestanding wardrobes in the UK. The specialist brands they work with include Novamobili, whose Lux collection starts from £1,480.



‘To create an elegant yet practical space,’ advises Kiran Noonan, managing director at John Lewis of Hungerford. ‘You can never go wrong with the principle of keeping it simple. A good designer will group the storage for easy dressing in the morning, while bearing in mind the visual impact. Avoid lots of small sections, as this can end up looking untidy, but have a good range, from shallow drawers for lingerie and ties to deep drawers or shelves for winter knits.’


Everyone is different of course, but the essentials can include hanging rails for shirts and suits, a long hanging area for dresses and occasional wear, pull-out shoe racks and compartments for jewellery and accessories. Other options to consider include tie rails, trinket drawers, full-length mirrors, internal LED sensor lighting and even walk-in wardrobes with wall-to-wall storage. The key is to look at all the items you need to store and how easy they are to find. ‘We tend to spend more time in our bedroom than any other room in the house,’ says Jonathan Stewart, owner of Wharfside, ‘so who wouldn’t want to make it a space to relish spending time in? Creating a bedroom that’s beautifully designed and that works hard behind the scenes with clever bespoke planning can greatly enhance both your home and lifestyle.’


‘Bespoke storage offers a variety of heights, widths and depths as well as hinged or sliding doors, so you can have a handcrafted piece of furniture that ensures there is a place for everything, creating a relaxing, clutter-free bedroom.’ The beauty of made-to-measure storage is that you can slot it into any space, even tricky areas such as sloping ceilings, alcoves and uneven walls. Good designers will cut to fit and offer a variety of internal solutions to suit.


Below A storage bed is a great space-saver, as you won’t use up any floor space but will be able to keep out of season clothes and bedding within easy reach. Malmesbury bed in Cotton Shadow, £956, Willow & Hall.



As well as fitted furniture, you can also produce your own selection of bespoke standalone pieces such as a storage bed, chests, tallboys, units and shelving. Think about the overall look you wish to achieve and by sticking to one style or colour theme, you can create a co-ordinated feel with calm and order at its core.



Article by: Hayley Gilbert