Take one misshapen bathroom with architectural features and a somewhat long and narrow space and you have a challenge that’s fit for an expert bathroom designer. To paint the bigger picture, this is a large, semi-detached listed property which is set in beautiful mature woodlands in Bristol. While in the process of redecorating other rooms in the house the owners, who live here with their young son, happily chose to work with Chris Payne, designer at Ripples, who set out with a vision: ‘I wanted the style to be simple and contemporary, while also recognising the strong architectural style of the property. In the original design brief, the bathroom was originally considered as the main bathing space however, while not an en suite, it was decided that it should be for the owners’ son. The plan was to let it be generous, simple and capable of adapting to suit different people as the family grows over time.’



One of the stand-out architectural features in this room are the windows, although they couldn’t be altered due to the house being listed. Chris explains: ‘Fortunately the original leaded arts and crafts-style windows were large and in good condition. Although west facing, plenty of light floods in during the day and the setting sun is captured beautifully through them.’ Purposefully placing a large mirror opposite the window bounces this light around the room and helps enhance the feeling of spaciousness.



In a smaller and more awkwardly shaped room like this, making sure there’s sufficient and capacious storage space without compromising on style is an important factor. Here, ‘the left hand side wall of the room has been built out to allow supply and waste pipes to service the basin and shower, while also allowing niches to be recessed for shower storage and basin mirror. There’s also plentiful practical storage beneath the basin in a suspended drawer unit’, says Chris. All-in-all, the finished design achieves a natural flow with spa style combined with everything they need for a great bathing experience, morning, noon or night.


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Pictures by Paul Craig


Article by: Emma Foale