After cooking in various gastro pubs in London and Norfolk, Ian then started up a YouTube channel in 2014 to show people how to make easy to follow, healthy recipes. He has over 120 videos, showing recipes from Thai curries to chocolate mousse. Ian lives in Norfolk with wife Nicola, who runs a beauty channel on YouTube, and their two children, aged three and five.


What got you passionate about cooking in the first place?

My mother was an excellent cook. Running a small catering business, she wanted me to learn the basics in the kitchen from an early age, teaching me simple recipes like spaghetti bolognese. I left home at 17, so it was important for me to know a good set of meals.


Why did you decide to start up your YouTube channel?

I was working as a chef in London commuting every day from Norwich, when my wife and I decided we wanted kids. With my wife also travelling a lot with work, we knew that I would be a stay at home dad. So I needed a job where I could work from home. I noticed back in 2014 that a lot of chefs in the spotlight at the time were producing beautifully artistic recipe books, but was the food any good for you? Generally no, so I started a channel to get people eating as healthy as possible.



Have you got a food philosophy?

I believe in the 80/20 rule, eat as much veg and whole foods as possible 80% of the time and don’t be scared to have a little treat the other 20% of the time. This doesn’t mean to overindulge with massive portion sizes and processed, sugar-filled foods, but more to try and find a little balance.


What is your own kitchen at home like?

My main kitchen is from Christian Blakes, who specialise in bespoke custom designs. It has beautiful handmade oak haberdashery cabinet style drawers, which I love. I also have a Zip HydroTap in chrome, which gives me instant boiling, sparkling and chilled water; a must for a chef. It’s incredible. I can have instant boiling water and be poaching eggs in seconds, add sparkling water to a tempura batter or drink the freshest chilled water. I couldn’t be without it.



What other appliance do you find really useful?

I have a Sage Barista express coffee machine, which, being a coffee lover, I use constantly. You can grind your own beans with it, adjust cooking temperatures and make actual shop quality coffee.


Do you have any advice for parents who want to follow a healthy food lifestyle on limited time?

If you can keep processed foods out of the kitchen, that’s a good starting point. Kids look at what parents eat, so lead by example. If time is the problem, try batch cooking and freezing once or twice a week; something that can be popped in the oven and then you’ve just got to knock up some veg. Keeping hydrated is also key in leading a healthy lifestyle. To encourage the children to drink more water and less sugary fizzy pop, we add fruit - such as strawberries or blueberries - to the filtered sparkling water from our Zip HydroTap.


What are your goals for the year ahead?

By the time you read this I will have hopefully opened our new film studio kitchen, for filming collaborations, incorporating head chefs from the top UK’s pubs. I’d also love to get a book out. I feel 2017 is going to be a good year for Haste’s Kitchen. 


Article by: Lucy Macdonald