The bedroom is that one room in the house where a relaxed, calm feel can be created as an escape from a busy day, and that was exactly what the homeowners of this four bedroom, four bathroom property in Ballsbridge, Dublin wanted to achieve. Originally a 1950s house with a flat extension to the side of the property, this professional couple wanted to merge the two dwellings into one, with a complete reconfiguration to the layout inside in order to create a functional family home that would be able to adapt to their changing needs as a young family. Their brief for the main bedroom and en suite was a luxurious, boutique vibe that would be a sanctuary away from the hectic goings on of family life throughout the rest of the house.



Cue Roisín Lafferty from Kingston Lafferty Design, who was tasked with bringing this couple’s dream to life. After dealing with the strucural configurations of the property, Roisín embraced the desire for a unique and well-designed bedroom space that had the wow factor. The starting point was the colour scheme, and a soothing yet prominent grey was chosen for the walls and flooring. The luxury elements were added by using eye-catching, metallic lighting and a combination of beautiful furs, silks and velvet. The real statement piece for this bedroom design however, was the stunning headboard.


‘We designed a custom headboard to cocoon the bedframe and create this perfect nook that feels as though it embraces the bed when you lie in it. This creates that sanctuary feel we were aiming for – a haven to escape to and a bed that almost welcomes you in and holds you in its frame. Equally the rich, luxurious, velvety texture with deep buttoning details makes for an opulent yet tranquil piece that is elegant but cosy’, said Roisín.


You can find out more about bedrooms by Kingston Lafferty Design here.


Article by: Lucy Macdonald