Ripples' senior designer Neil Curtis offers his advice to make sure your bathroom is a success.


Make sure you choose the right tiles, a tile on its own can look entirely different to what it looks like when it's in place. Before you make a final decision of what tiles to choose, plan exactly where you would like them and the exact colour and size too. These little decisions are sure to make a huge difference to your final design.


Be sure you buy products that are compatible for your home, as making a small mistake will deprive you from achieving your dream bathroom. Knowing what type of water pressure and how it is supplied to the bathroom will make your choice easier.




Know exactly what you need from your bathroom, whether it's got to be suitable for children or if you want a stylish space for pure relaxation.


Always save money for the finishing touches. Once all of the designing is done make sure there is some budget left for the little but important things such as door handles, lighting, blinds and paint. Remembering these things can make a big change.


Splash out! For your perfect bathroom to become a reality you need to invest to make it happen. Installation should be priority, paying a good installer will make your dreams come true.  



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Article by: EKBB