Transform your guest room into 5 star accommodation, ensuring your guests have the best night's sleep.


Soak & Sleep have put together a great guide to make sure your guests are comfortable.


To create the best guest room it's important to get the basics perfect, this means getting the right mattress, duvets, pillows and bed linen. Spending money on these products will ensure the ultimate comfortable experience.


Crisp white sheets are an absolute must. When you spend the night away at a hotel nothing beats sliding into luxury fresh white sheets, so treat this room like a hotel and invest in some.


Lots of spare bedrooms get used as a tip and are full of bits and pieces that don't belong anywhere, now's the time to clear away the clutter and make your guests feel special. If that feels like an impossible task, then buy clever storage solutions which look attractive and hide the mess.


Finally, add the essential finishing touches including a soft towel, cosy blanket and a pair of pyjamas.



Soak & Sleep guest room



Soak & Sleep guest room


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Article by: EKBB