New year, new start? If you feel like you didn't have a chance to declutter in January, then February is your month. One way to live a clutter-free life is by embracing Scandinavia's new concept Lagom, which revolves around reducing waste and buying just the right amount of things, rather than too little or too much. We've come up with five simple ways to declutter your home.


  1. Storage can be super stylish, so invest in some gorgeous units so you can display your favourite pieces in an organised way without having too many things out. Bloomingville is one of our favourite brands (shown above) who have a range of chic and practical furniture with a Scandi design feel.

  2. Sometimes you need to be ruthless. If you're surrounded by things you don't like or use in a room then you won't enjoy spending time in there; your home should be your happy place. If you don't need something then get rid of it, so that you will want to share your home with friends and family.

  3. How are you supposed to know what you already own if it's hidden in the back of a cupboard? Having more clutter usually means you forget what you already have and end up purchasing more, so do keep an eye on what you need before you the pile starts getting bigger.

  4. Start doing one mini task at a time – choose to start clearing a cupboard out rather than aiming for an entire room. Make a list and tick every step off as you go along, then before you know it you've cleared a whole room without the pressure.

  5. Give everything its own place, once things start being moved from their place that's when clutter develops.

Images shown top to bottom and left to right:

Cute drawers in grey, £509; Seagrass basket, £73 for set of two; Glass vase, £31, all from Bloomingville 


Tell dining table, £389; Friend metal dining chairs, £159; Cross grey chair, £155; Bamboo pendant lamp, £219; Wall hanging, £115, all from Bloomingville


Georg console dresk, from £449; Georg stool, £199, both from Skagerak available at Houseology


Green plastic chairs, from £170 each; Olsen dining table, from £349; Glass pendant, from £120; Oak shelving unit, from £350, all from Hübsch available at Design Vintage

Article by: EKBB