It takes a brave vision to transcend the installation of a kitchen that is far less than what waspromised. The initial story of this now chic kitchen is one we all fear, but designer Rachel Dower shows us that a homeowner’s idea of a kitchen as hub of the home is a dream worth chasing. After their previous designer went bust, homeowners Liza and Rudi Alexis had to live with a substandard kitchen, but Liza had pinpointed the focal point of the kitchen she wanted. ‘ Sourcing the most exquisite granite was the whole basis for my kitchen. It all grew from that.’ So, Liza asked a second company to make up her showstopping island. From there the family were faced with trying to find a designer who would embrace the challenge of part replacing and finishing a dream space within the parameters and boundaries already set. Step up Rachel Dower from Mowlem & Co. ‘She interpreted what I wanted brilliantly – from the mirrors to the glamour, giving that grown-up feel.’




The company had been looking into textile technology using an upholstered vinyl material created specifically for use in kitchens, and Liza was all for giving it a try. ‘It’s a really innovative idea for people like me who don’t like the standard. It’s so stunning yet so practical. I just wipe it down with a sponge.’ Happily, the dream eventually became reality, and all because the Alexis family persevered in their belief in innovation enhancing beauty and individuality. ‘People see this beautiful kitchen and ask whether I actually cook in here, but I have four children and two dogs living here too (Tilly, 19; Hugo, 18; Theo, 16; Clara, 13; and Hera, the Great Dane and Apollo, the Retriever), and we entertain all the time. It’s just that it’s all so well-designed and functional, everything is hidden away. I love all the materials used, the brass, the vinyl wrap, and the mirrors all go so well. We are so happy.’ Eclectic kitchen by Mowlem & Co start from £30,000.


Photos by Jake Fitzjones


Article by: Kate Rowe