Lead image InSinkErator’s elegant 3N1 L-shape, £899


When it comes to our kitchens anything that helps make our lives easier, whether that be with cooking, washing or cleaning, is a very welcome addition. Cue the hot water tap; an appliance that is not just a luxury, but something that can really make a difference to the time you spend in the kitchen. According to the Energy Saving Trust, 40% of households boil the kettle at least four times a day, with a significant portion of those admitting to boiling more water than was actually needed. Investing in a hot water tap will not only save time but also energy, as you will only fill a mug or glass with the exact amount of water required. Kevin Carr, UK sales manager at InSinkErator, says; ‘Water and energy is needlessly wasted by millions of households every day, with many people unaware of the waste and cost. Steaming hot water taps are genuinely effective in reducing water wastage and saving homeowners’ money.’ The uses go beyond just teas and coffees however, as you can also use a hot water tap to fill up a saucepan ready for cooking pasta, thawing frozen food and even to sterilise baby bottles. Read on to get clued up on the different functions, styles and finishes on the market now. 


Below AEG ProSource 3-in-1 tap from £999



Advice from Russell Owens, marketing director at Zip Water UK


Finishes & shapes


Hot water taps are no longer just functional, convenient kitchen appliances but are increasingly becoming style statements in their own right. There’s now little distinction between regular kitchen mixer taps and hot taps, as they have adopted similar shapes and designs. Zip’s range for the HydroTap includes a classic swan neck, modern square shape and compact, minimal taps. There’s also the new Platinum Design Range which means you can tailor the tap to your kitchen interior – options include brushed rose gold, gunmetal and nickel.




The benefits of investing in a hot water tap is the convenience – imagine never having to wait for the kettle to boil again! With filtration often being an integral part of the tap’s functionality, you can have hot drinks in an instant with no sign of limescale. These taps are also extremely energy efficient and safe for the whole family to use.


Below left Pronteau Profile 4-in-1 model by Adobe from £1,249; Below right Grohe Red hot water tap from £1,573





Hot taps aren’t just for making teas and coffees, they also help to speed up cooking processes too. So whether you’re boiling pasta or blanching vegetables, the tap helps save time, and certainly helps to reduce stress when entertaining. Many hot taps also provide filtered chilled water too and even sparkling water, which is the case with the Zip HydroTap.


Article by: Lucy Macdonald