Bio Ethanol 

This is an eco-friendly fuel which is made from sustainable and renewable energy sources by fermenting the by-products from the agricultural industry which would otherwise go to waste. They burn cleanly and produce a smokeless flame.


Outdoor heating



Electric vs. Gas

If you are going for a gas or electric patio heater, it’s important to weigh up which would work best for your outdoor area before you purchase. Electric is powered through the mains and models come in a range of different designs including ceiling, wall-mounted and freestanding. The heat is unaffected by the weather and they can even be operated by remote control. Gas heaters on the other hand use canister fuel and the benefit is that you are less restricted on where they can be placed, and are generally easy to set up.


Outdoor heating


Fire pits

Ensure your guests stay warm and create a relaxing ambience during long summer evenings with one of these fire pits. With a whole host of designs available, you can choose from sleek and contemporary or go for a more classic model. There’s also the option of using wood or coals, although some offer both fuel types.  


Shown from top to bottom: Monaco indoor/outdoor bioethanol, from £1,490, Decoflame; Axis fire pit, £119; La Hacienda clay chimnea, £129, both from John Lewis; Guadelouple ceramic table fire pit, £130, Alresia; Pheonix Flower design fire pit, £180, Arpe Studio at Etsy

Article by: EKBB